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Axis Recapping 2021

During the webinar Recapitulating 2021 different novelties in analytics at the edge have been analyzed, as Privacy Shield, Objects Analytics and License Plate Verifier; as well as Camera Station Secure Entry and Device Manager solutions. In the environment of video surveillance cameras have focused on the P3255-LVE models, Q6315-LE and 3819-PVE.

Under the name Recap 2021, latest releases and use cases, Axis Communications has held a webinar in which he has announced his latest developments and projects.

To do this, Julian Izquierdo, account manager, And Roberto de los Santos, company sales engineer, have highlighted the different novelties in analytics at the edge such as Axis Object Analytics, License Plate Verifier And Privacy Shield.

Also, the main advantages of some of its latest releases such as cameras have been analyzed P3255-LVE, Q6315-LE And Q3819-PVE. Finally,, in this digital meeting, the main use cases have also been explained when working with some of its solutions such as Camera Station Secure Entry And Device Manager.

Analytics at the edge

Axis Object AnalyticsThe webinar started with the analysis of the news of Axis Object Analytics, Intelligent video analytics that offers added value to the camera, with the detection and classification of people and vehicles tailored to surveillance needs.

A solution with use for various applications, both in public buildings, Stores, Parking lots, industrial centers and other underserved areas in non-essential applications.

At the same time, Axis experts explained the advantages of using License Plate Verifier, launched in June 2021, and with which it is possible to recognize license plates for low-speed traffic and control vehicle access. To do this, it keeps track of its visitors in areas such as parking spaces, city centers and gated communities.

These analytics based on local storage, enable intelligent license plate reading at speeds of up to 70 Km/h. In addition, are easy to set up and manage.

Axis License Plate VerifierThis solution enables intelligent analysis by offering efficient searches and supporting event log entries, that include thumbnail images of license plates thus facilitating administration and monitoring.

In addition, processing can be done on the device allowing the analyzed metadata to only require a small fraction of the bandwidth, saving storage.

The digital meeting also saw other solutions such as Axis Live Privacy Shield, launched in May 2021 and with which it is possible to facilitate remote monitoring of activities while protecting privacy.

This versatile perimeter-based application allows compatible cameras to dynamically mask moving objects, people or background, in real time, and both live and recorded video.

This solution allows monitoring while protecting privacy, through a versatile edge-based application that dynamically masks in real time. In this way it is possible to mask moving objects and people or the background of the images, helping to comply with privacy regulations, with the deletion of personal data.

Video surveillance solutions

Axis Q6315-LEDuring the meeting, some of the main novelties of the company in terms of cameras such as P3255-LVE were also analyzed., Q6315-LE and 3819-PVE.

The fixed dome camera, P3255-LVE, features an innovative dual chipset that enables AI-based analytics to run with deep learning. It is effective for multiple surveillance situations, has granular object classification (detects and classifies humans and/or vehicles; and distinguishes between different types of vehicles such as automobiles, Bus, trucks and motorcycles/bicycles), plus all the high-quality features of the P32 Series.

Axis Q3819-PVEThe Q6315-LE camera is the ideal solution for urban surveillance. Has a half-inch sensor, a 31x optical zoom and features laser focus for precise focusing at all times, even in the dark. It also has a Speed Dry function for sharpness and clarity of images when it rains.

Finally,, during the webinar has been highlighted, among others, the 3819-PVE multi-sensor camera. With a resolution of 14 Mp, delivers intelligent pairing with Axis network speakers using end-to-end technology. For example, can add audio support and communicate warnings to intruders.

This solution offers a perfect union of the four images and a panoramic view of 180º horizontally and 38º vertically . It is excellent for its ease of use of images for quick and intuitive situation awareness.

Axis Camera Station Secure Entry

Camera Station Secure Entry and Device Manager

The last part of this digital meeting Recapitulating 2021 has focused on Camera Station Secure Entry and Device Manager solutions.

Axis Camera Station Secure Entry, released in February 2021, it is widely used in both retail stores, such as schools and commercial buildings. It is a comprehensive and unified video management and access control solution that allows you to manage a single installation without incident.

Among its advantages is the power to visually identify visitors or receive automatic alerts in case of incident. The system also allows everything to be in a single system, monitor video and access control at the same time.

Axis Device Manager, released in April 2021 and cloud-based, is a tool compatible with most Axis network cameras, as well as audio and access control devices. Sustituye a Axis Camera Management.

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