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With five hard drive bays and two M.2 SSD slots, DS1520+ responds to SME storage needs; while the DS1621xs+ combines a quad-core Xeon processor with ECC memory and 10 Built-inGbE.

Synology DS1520 and DS1621xs

Synology expanded its NAS storage solutions offering with diskstation DS1520+ and DS1621xs. The first is a five-bay device designed to meet the storage and cloud work needs of small and medium-sized businesses; while the second is a tower-shaped equipment designed to meet the most demanding performance expectations.

DiskStation DS1520+ is ideal for backing up data and organizing media files. It is a versatile and scalable option that allows you to create a private storage cloud easily and securely.

"The DS1520+ is specially designed so that SMEs can manage their files easily and securely through their own private cloud, while facilitating the remote work of employees, they will be able to access the files from anywhere and edit collaboratively", explains Hewitt Lee, Director of Synology Product Management Group. "The new unit offers a scalable storage capacity up to 240 TB plus improved performance in computational tasks”.

Synology DS1520+

The DS1520+ features a new quad-core processor 2,0 GHz offering up to 2,7 Ghz. This allows you to deliver an average increase in the performance of the 19,8% operations that require intensive computing use. Responsiveness on websites also improves to a 126% compared to previous models.

The NAS also features two NVMe M.2 SSD slots 2280 improve the cache for input/output responsiveness up to 20 times higher without using front drive bays.

Synology's new drive makes it easy to create cloud backups, as well as through RAID, using Active Backup for Business or Synology Hybrid RAID applications. Companies will be able to protect their data and files by automating and scheduling copies to be made periodically at times of low workload.

In addition, has all Synology file and library management applications, and solutions to facilitate collaborative teleworking. Synology Moments allows you to save, manage and organize audiovisual files such as photos, music or videos easily and access them from your Smartphone at any time.

Synology Drive allows you to access documents and data remotely from any device and operating system, while Synology Office facilitates employee collaboration, who can edit a file at the same time while communicating with Synology Chat or Synology Mail.

Synology DS1621xs+

DiskStation DS1621xs+

This NAS combines a quad-core Xeon processor with ECC memory and 10 Built-inGbE, allowing you to improve file management capability and deliver high-performance data storage.

"The DS1621xs+ is a professional unit with a more compact format, providing flexibility for companies that want to install it. We work to adapt to the needs of all users, and we know that not all companies have the infrastructure to install a rack drive. The DS1621xs+ solves this situation by offering high performance and superior processing power", clarifies Hewitt Lee, Director of Synology Product Management Group.

The DS1621xs+'s quad-core Xeon processor is the same installed on Synology data center devices. This provides more than 3,1 GB/s sequential read performance and 1,8 Gb/s sequential write performance that allows you to manage large data sets and multiple users quickly.

Synology DS1621xs+

Linking to ECC memory provides reliability, turning this unit into a perfect device for secure data storage. And all this with a size of 11,5 L.

The six internal bays of 3,5 inches enable up to 96 TB of raw storage capacity. This can be applied up to 256 TB adding two DX517 expansion units. The DS1621xs+ also includes two M.2 slots 2280 that allow you to install an ultra-fast NVMe cache to improve storage capacity and speed without sacrificing bays.

The 10 Integrated GbE of the DS1621xs+ allows you to complete large backup or file transfer tasks quickly and securely. The unit allows you to insert an additional card 10 Or 25 GbE to accelerate and address high-resolution network rendering projects or provide even faster transfer performance for multiple VMs.

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By • 15 Sep, 2020
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