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This Dallmeier Electronic multifocal sensor system has won the Red Dot Design Award 2020 for its optimal construction and the high functional benefit for the customer.

The camera series Panomera W from the German manufacturer Dallmeier has been awarded with the Red Dot Design in the category of Product Design 2020, valuing the first use of a uniform design language in B2B video security technology.

The advanced concept of the Panomera W series is inspired by the motto of 'the purpose of using the cameras' (form follows function) and maximum optical control of large spatial contexts in a 180° or 360° viewing mode, that define the manufacturer's design language.

blankThe standard of materials used and the quality of manufacture Made in Germany dallmeier translates into maximum investment protection, so customers can continue to use the camera well beyond normal payback cycles.

Thanks to this value, the Panomera multifocal sensor system has achieved this award, before a jury made up of forty experts, for its level of innovation and functionality, but also for the longevity of the components used and the related ecological compatibility. In addition, the camera is recyclable in a 95%.

With the latest generation of the Panomera W series, available with 180° and 360° variants, Dallmeier is the first manufacturer in the B2B video security technology sector to establish a uniform design language.

As they point out from the manufacturer, "it doesn't matter if it's in the area of casinos or in applications of safe city, in an airport terminal or in industry or logistics: Panomera's simple design is discreetly integrated into a huge variety of architectural environments, always keeping the focus on the user and their requirements".

In addition, Dallmeier's design approach goes far beyond the product: Mountera mounting concept saves a lot of time and money, as a single person can install the camera, with minimal tools and fast and safe operation of systems at the assembly site.


Internal values

In addition to this innovative design, the cost-effectiveness of the Panomera W camera series has also been a decisive factor in the expert evaluation process. According to its motto In search of design and innovation, the jury is always guided by the technical requirements, Social, ecological and economic of today.

Like this, the technology used in the Panomera W series sets new standards: during planning, customers can precisely define the minimum resolution and spatial coverage they need from this device for their applications, which already guarantees compliance with future security standards and video analysis.

blankAt the same time, budget managers benefit from minimal infrastructure costs and maximum operator efficiency. The Panomera W series allows, For example, that several operators monitor, simultaneously and independently of each other, very large surfaces with only one camera system.

Even if there are several operators that use the high-resolution zoom, the complete image is maintained, both live and in the recording. So, all important information is retained. In combination with the latest generation of chip, that already has integrated neural networks, and with various Dallmeier AI applications, the Panomera W series provides extensive video analysis in the most different fields of use.

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By • 30 Jun, 2020
• Section: Events, Business, Video surveillance