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In this article, ProdexTec muestra cómo conectar los últimos modelos de cámaras IP, a través de una red cableada, sin necesidad de alimentación, using KBC Networks' eCopper device.

KBC Networks eCopper Prodextec

There are many coaxial and copper cable networks that can be used to connect IP devices, without these needing to be connected to the mains for power. A good example is the IP cameras that, through the eCopper series devices KBC Networks, brand marketed in Spain and Portugal by ProdexTec, transmit high-resolution video signals to remote monitoring stations over already deployed networks, using a two-wire copper wire.

These devices are perfect for complex video surveillance networks and offer high performance and simple configuration.

Different eCopper models offer PoE and PoE+ capabilities to connect different types of IP devices at considerable distances.

KBC Networks eCopper Prodextec Scheme

The twisted pair cables of the nets you want to take advantage of, can be of any category, of 1, 2 the 4 pairs of threads, you can even use alarm wires. In the case of copper cable networks, apart from the PoE and PoE+ options, the PoW option is also available (Power over Wire), while for coaxial cables management can be done through PoC (Power over Coax or simultaneous power transmission), so that the operator can change the power remotely.

KBC Networks is an American telecommunication solutions manufacturer, equipment and energy management, optimized and ready for use in harsh environments such as industrial.

Your eCopper device is an easy solution, fast and profitable. Implements a unique design from common designs on the market to provide improved and much more stable performance.

KBC Networks eCopper Prodextec Scheme

It offers very complete protective measures against over-feeding or short-circuiting, because all the time the transmitter is not connected to the coaxial cable, no energy will be sent, ensuring there are no accidental energy problems, just like if the cable is interrupted again, feeding will stop immediately, so there will be no short circuit.

The keys of the eCopper make it a highly recommended choice. It is a device with a completely industrial design, streaming coaxial and UTP cable (Copper), provides POE / POE+, generates a long-distance transmission, dispone de gestión central PoC/PoW, de una amplia línea de productos, y se ofrece a un precio muy competitivo.

KBC Networks ecopper Bunker security ProdexTec

En cuanto a las aplicaciones reales que puede ofrecer este dispositivo, destaca porque su uso puede ser implementado en diferentes y muy variados sectores como casinos, shopping centers, parking, college campuses, lifts, banking, ubicaciones con coaxial que necesitan convertirse en IP, ubicaciones con UTP que deben exceder la distancia del cable o ubicaciones con sólo 2 cables y cable telefónico antiguo que necesitan utilizar IP, entre otras muchas.

Una solución idónea que permite la migración a IP más allá de los límites existentes.

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By • 17 Sea, 2020
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