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This range, that ProdexTec markets in Spain and Portugal, is specially designed for situations where fiber is limited or where there are several electrical signals mixed.

KBC Networks, brand that distributes ProdexTec in Spain and Portugal, has deployed its Asfom multichannel fiber optics for the security project carried out in an airport facility, which included thousands of cameras and access and detection systems distributed in different buildings within a large expanses.

Airport staff needed an effective way to monitor, manage and control security systems uninterrupted 24/7, in addition to being able to share all the information between the different agencies that make up it. Another prerequisite was that the design should anticipate the future expansion plans of this facility.

The project required connectivity over two fibers to connect a centralized monitoring system that uses multiple 'link lines', with RS422 data, RS485 and RS232, and an IP connection to allow central control access to digital video recorders.

blankAnother vital element was the transmission of access control data and, in some cases, building management data. Each space within the airport has its own junction point matrix switch, a control room and locally installed digital video recorders, so the streaming system had to be able to manage the video with broadcast quality.

Airport communication and security managers also faced a very common problem: the accession of new services and the expansion of the system, within an existing infrastructure that was already under pressure through already very oversized cable routes.

The solution chosen has been the Asfom multichannel fiber optic system (Application specific fibre optic modem) by KBC Networks, that allows you to specify the exact number and mixing of channels within a unit. This range is specially designed for situations where fiber is limited or where there are several electrical signals mixed.

Its number of settings is innumerable and its products support video, Audio, Data Ethernet, Phone, contact closure and DVI, HD-SDI, 3G-SDI and USB, with capacity for up to 128 real-time video images and other signals on a single fiber.

The deployment of Asfom has provided airport managers with the flexibility to configure the units to the necessary specifications, while giving room for future expansions and installation growth.

This solution has allowed you to directly connect several high quality video channels in real time, uncompressed video, IP to 100 Mbps and a number of data channels (for access control, CCTV and remote control), allowing you to use the minimum of fiber.

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By • 10 Sep, 2019
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