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For one of these centers a wireless transmission system has been designed that provides all the links from the cameras to the fiber. Ten separate stations are available to collect signals from more than 50 Equipment.

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Cultural attractions receive millions of visitors every year. This large influx of people hinders the surveillance efforts that these sites have an obligation to ensure in their facilities.

KBC transmitters place of interestTo one of these cultural attractions KBC Networks, brand marketed by ProdexTec in Spain and Portugal, provided a secure transmission system that allowed the installer of the CCTV surveillance system to articulate it with minimal intrusion.

The site had a previous fiber installation, but the cameras were scattered all over the area and didn't reach all of them. Video signals needed to be returned to fiber from a number of key surveillance points. In addition, it was imperative that the transmission system be environmentally sensitive and that its installation caused as little discomfort as possible.

KBC transmittersTo meet all these requirements, a wireless transmission system was chosen that provided all the links from the cameras to the fiber.

KBC designed a system of ten separate stations to collect signals from more than 50 Cameras. From each of them, video signals are sent wirelessly via a point-to-point link to one of the ten nodes.

From each node point, a switch combines signals and a media converter connects the video signal to the fiber to send it back to the control room to more than 10 miles away.

To make installation as quick and easy as possible, each link was preconfigured (adjusting frequency and SSIDs) and labeled with the location and the porch point. Once on site, all the installer had to do was assemble each unit and connect the power and video. Each client unit automatically binds to your host without the need for a new start-up.

The surveillance system was successfully installed and fully operational. With each pre-configured link, installation was simple and quick. Today, the system discreetly monitors visitors to ensure their safety.

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By • 16 Dec, 2019
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