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Three hotels out of the eight that operate this chain in Colombia have security devices in PTZ network and the QND series of the manufacturer.

With eight hotels located in six major and touristic cities -Bogotá, Medellín, Cali, Pereira, Barranquilla and Cartagena-, this hotel chain offers its customers exclusive and differential services to achieve the greatest satisfaction during their stay: from the 24-hour reception, Restaurants, all-day business center, outdoor pool, fitness room and spa, etc..

This diversity of areas that converge in the same building and with a constant transit of people, from guests, employees to guests of official events and logistics staff, requires complete and detailed monitoring to give maximum security guarantee.

Its managers have completely changed their security system at three of their eight hotels, since they have made the transition from analog uetom to IP technology with manufacturer's systems Hanwha Techwin.

The deployment of the SSM software platform, improving the efficiency of Wisenet network products, permite la supervisión local y remota de imágenes con una función para el reconocimiento facial. La arquitectura cliente-servidor permite una gestión estable del sistema de videovigilancia a través de la configuración de múltiples sitios y clientes.

That way, el acceso a vídeos en vivo/grabados es muy sencilla desde sitios remotos. Also, su despliegue es más fácil y económico que un CCTV, ya que usa el mismo cableado que el de acceso a Internet y de comunicación de datos, without the need to deploy the coaxial cabling infrastructure traditionally used for the video surveillance network.

Four PTZ cameras have been installed for this project and 39 QND series with automatic tracking, whose images are monitored in from a control center to visualize the hotel's perimeter security.

The success of this project has since been replicated to other establishments in the chain, like Barranquilla's hotel, where twenty-five QND cameras have been installed, and followed in Pereira's to incorporate this same solution to the problems of its headquarters, with the installation of about thirty cameras.

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By • 12 Feb, 2020
• Section: Case Studies, MAIN FOCUS, CCTV