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ProdexTec markets these products in Spain and Portugal to avoid the serious problem of the theft of this metal, which has become a major concern for businesses and governments, saving time and money.

From simple thefts of copper wires in heating systems, ventilation and air conditioning on rooftops, substantial damage and loss of income at power substations, copper remains one of the most coveted items to steal anywhere you are due to its high price.

Among the facilities most affected by this type of theft are electrical substations, that in addition to the losses of this expensive metal, they also face the consequences of this, such as the cost of the damage caused, repairs or downtime.

A large power company located in the Midwest of the United States decided to install a reliable and effective security solution for its substations. This solution had to solve problems such as the extensive areas to be protected, changes in site conditions, impossibility of digging ditches and remote locations of these sites.

The SL-350QFRi infrared barriers Optex, brand marketed by ProdexTec in Spain and Portugal, were chosen to protect the perimeter fences and automatic gates of the company's electrical substations. Being battery powered, there was no need to trench or lay wires.

Schools and institutes have also not been free from copper thefts. When one of the DeKalb County high school, in Georgia (EE. UU.), suffered one of them that affected their heating systems, air conditioning and ventilation, decided to protect their rooftops and patios.

To do this, it resorted to the installation of infrared detectors, covering all the access points to the roof. This solution tackled the problem of copper theft, and the site's surveillance responds quickly before any damage occurs.

Another place where copper theft occurs is in buildings. The abduction of this material is made during non-working hours, with thefts ranging from pipes and wires, even hand tools and high-strength machinery.

When workers arrive the next day they find that they cannot work without their utensils, so you have to pay for the purchase of new materials and tools, in addition to the day of inactivity at work.

To prevent this situation, a New Mexico-based contractor deployed a wireless and flexible solution with which he could continuously monitor constructions without having to trench around the perimeter.

A combination of light barriers and infrared detectors were installed on separate steel poles with motherboards and deployed in all work areas.

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By • 11 Feb, 2020
• Section: Case Studies, Detection, Intrusion, Urban Security, Services