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Endangered, these animals are under constant threat from poachers, the changing geography of the region and the proliferation of farms.

Developed by Optex and marketed by ProdexTec in Spain and Portugal, Redscan RLS-2020 laser detector integrates LiDAR technology (light and distance detection – light detection and ranging) to offer high reliability and versatility, both indoors and outdoors (with Degree certification 3), to cover a distance of 20x20m or 30m radius with 95° aperture (extended range mode).

Redscan RLS-2020 is ready to be installed in high-security perimeters regardless of the obstacles you have in the field of view or the size of the target, because it can be configured to omit or delimit any area of the detection field.

With these versatile and reliable features, this detector, which won the Innovation Award in 2017, has been the system chosen by those responsible for the Mount Kenya National Park, declared a Biosphere Reserve and a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1997.

Optex Redscan Mini RLS 2020While this park is home to a large number of wild animals, its most important population is elephants, estimated at 2.500 Copies. Despite this,, are under constant threat from poachers. In addition, the changing geography of the region and the proliferation of agricultural farms have led to an increase in human-elephant conflicts, as these cause damage to the fences and properties surrounding these farms when they try to re-enter the park.

To help both the elephant population and protect the area, the company Instarect Limited has designed an access control system for elephants using Redscan RLS-2020 sensors, that have been installed in the access doors to the reservation, along with PTZ video surveillance cameras.

Elephants are detected when they approach and that's when the door, powered by solar energy, opens automatically so they can enter the park. As the size of the detected object can be customized within the settings, RLS-2020 is set to detect only elephants. Humans and smaller animals are ignored and park gates remain closed.

When elephants activate in the sensor that a door opens, authorized rangers are immediately notified via SMS and can view the images captured by CCTV cameras on their phone and check that all elephants have safely re-entered the park.

The rangers then send an SMS to close the door. In turn, thanks to the sensor they can also detect the presence of poachers prowling the area.

As Ebrahim Nyali explains, Instarect Limited Security Solutions Designer, "the new system works well. Elephants are very intelligent and have quickly adapted to these new doors.. They have learned to wait for them to open before re-entering.".

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By • 17 Apr, 2020
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