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This brand, distributed by ProdexTec in the Iberian market, develops wireless solutions suitable for the protection of construction areas, buildings and areas where wiring is an impediment to.

A car dealership located in Fort Lauderdale (Florida – Usa. USA) began to suffer thefts of parts, tires and even cars. Its security system consisted of a low-cost CCTV that worked with video motion sensors, and it wasn't effective.

The poor location of the sensors (outside the fence and easily accessible for deactivation), coupled with the speed of robbery theft were the obstacles that had to be overcome. Its leaders required an improved and flexible system that took into account the many physical obstacles (Wildlife, Vegetation, etc.) and anti-vandal.

For this purpose, the manufacturer's Redwall SIP wireless infrared sensors were chosen Optex, brand marketed by ProdexTec in Spain and Portugal, that have been easily integrated with the CCTV system of choice, and activate the PTZ dome cameras fixed within the detection area, allowing capture and recording any intrusions within the sensor area and alerting the alarm center, in addition to the authorities and a contact from the dealership

Redwall SIP sensors take wildlife into account, la vegetación y otros obstáculos físicos simplemente enmascarando esas áreas, eliminando así estos obstáculos dentro del perímetro protegido del detector. Debido a que el antiguo sistema era susceptible a actos vandálicos, el equipo instaló los sensores detrás del vallado y a más de 3 meters, de acuerdo con las especificaciones. In total, el plan incluía doce unidades Redwall SIP montadas en cuatro edificios, que se instalaron en un solo día.

Now, este concesionario de automóviles mantiene un perímetro seguro que detecta a los intrusos antes de cometer el robo de piezas de automóviles y otras propiedades. Also, el sistema se ha integrado fácilmente en la red inalámbrica actual y está optimizado a prueba de vandalismo.

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By • 4 Oct, 2019
• Section: Case Studies, Access control, MAIN FOCUS, Detection, Intrusion, Services