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This sensor from Optex, distributed by ProdexTec in the Iberian market, creates four adjustable detection zones and has an equal number of outputs connected for PTZ camera control.

The insurance company of a large banking branch sought to strengthen the security of its vault and safety deposit boxes, located in the same room and protected by vibration detection technology on walls, required a system with a higher level of protection and reliability.

Another element that was required to choose this system is that it integrates easily with the existing infrastructure in the branch, in addition to minimising disruptiontos to the bank's operations, that due to the environment, occurred more times than desired.

Optex RedscanREDThe final choice to respond to these premises has been the RedScan RLScan RLS-3060 laser scanning detectors from Optex, distributed in Spain and Portugal by ProdexTec.

These detectors were installed to create four laser curtains, adjustable and invisible, around the safe scrates and the vault to cover them, which also connected with the CCTV and the existing intrusion alarm infrastructure in the branch.

Added to this was the rapid installation of the devices, that did not disrupt the daily activity of the bank branch at any time.

The Redscan RLScan RLS-3060 anti-intrusion detector is a novel laser scanning detector that can detect size, the speed and distance of moving objects and processes information with a unique algorithm. Its reliability for detecting people is very high, resulting in a minimum of false alarms.

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By • 15 Jan, 2020
• Section: Case Studies, Detection, Services, CCTV