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The creation of 'virtual' walls or ceilings of RLS-2020S and RLS-2020I systems offer a variety of security applications for commercial environments, industrial and residential.

One of the challenges facing perimeter security is technological advancement, that makes business security needs, industrial and residential change.

Connecting and communicating with other systems, like CCTV, it has become fundamental in many cases, so Optex, brand distributed by ProdexTec, has responded to the needs of the industry and has included in its laser scanning detectors Redscan RLS the IP/PoE connection.

These systems offer different performances depending on the model and can be used both indoors and outdoors, except for the RLS-2020I cado, whose use is only internal.

Optex RLS-3060L and RLS-3060SH offer the possibility of mounting both vertically and horizontally, depending on the use and conditions of the place. They can detect the size, the speed and distance of moving objects and processing information using a single algorithm.

The RLS-2020S and RLS-2020I are laser sensors that create a 'virtual' wall (20×20 meters), designed to integrate with security and protection systems.

These systems create a detection area that cannot be easily generated by other sensors or video-based detection systems, such as walls or virtual ceilings. Its use can be extended from the protection of works of art in museums and galleries, detection of controlled areas of prisons, banks or airports.

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By • 21 Oct, 2019
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