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These network cameras are fully equipped for airport surveillance, logistics ships and public transport systems.

The fixed box IP camera series Axis P13 has four new models, for indoor and outdoor application, acting as deterredive elements, with a high level of resistance, large spaces and are designed to deliver high-resolution video for people and objects.

Available in indoor and outdoor versions, these cameras offer an optimal level of detail, resolutions of 5 MP and 4K. Indoor models -P1377 and P1378- are manufactured without chlorinated or brominated flame retardants (CFR and BFR), which translates into longer service life and better performance, with less environmental impact.

These devices integrate Axis Forensic WDR to capture high-quality images even in scenes with dark, bright areas. Also, Axis Lightfinder technology ensures crisp color images even in poor lighting conditions.

Outdoor models -P1377-LE and P1378-LE-, Axis OptimizedIR also includes, that facilitates surveillance in absolute darkness in a large and open environment.

These systems have interchangeable lenses and the possibility to incorporate automatic i-CS lenses, which facilitates rapid target changes to adapt devices to different needs. They also incorporate Axis Zipstream technology as standard, H.264/H.265 compatible.

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By • 4 Feb, 2020
• Section: To fund, CCTV