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Why do many sports stadium operators around the world opt for "made in Germany" videosecurity technology? German security systems manufacturer Dallmeier provides the keys in this article.

ibrox stadium Rangers FC dallmeier

Most of the stadiums that will host the Euros 2024 in Germany already use solutions from the German manufacturer Dallmeier. In 2018, the World Cup in Russia also provided conclusive evidence that there is also international demand for its technology: Dallmeier equipped nine of the twelve Russian World Cup stadiums with video technology.

Why do many stadium operators around the world opt for "made in Germany" videosecurity technology? Security in a football stadium affects many areas, events can occur in the grandstands, indoor and entrance areas, accesses and car parks.

blankThe objectives in turn are diverse when it comes to preventive measures: from the 'escort' of the bus of visiting fans to the stadium or for a quick reaction in case of altercations in the grandstands, until ex post assessments of crimes. And the solutions are becoming more complex.

From simple camera and recording systems, video surveillance technologies are evolving rapidly: functions such as artificial intelligence (The), capturing data using cameras with optical sensors, data management applications, even centralized control of stadium technology areas drive these changes.

But, at the same time, decision-makers in this regard are facing increasing challenges in properly valuing and implementing technologies. Dallmeier takes a comprehensive technology-based approach, advice and service.

blankThis German company not only offers innovative recording and camera systems, such as the patented Panomera multifocal sensor system, implemented in stadiums around the world and with which it is possible to represent even complex contexts throughout the area with the highest resolution on a few monitors.

In addition, the manufacturer combines these systems into a software platform with multiple modules for security and data management. Along with the equipment, offers comprehensive project services, such as advice and a global 3D planning approach: a project team dedicated to creating an exact 'digital twin' of the entire stadium and its surroundings.

blankIn this way, it is possible to simulate in advance and accurately the complete video security solution and plan in detail the required coverage and, Particularly, resolution density in all areas to be monitored.

The stadium operator can thus guarantee the resolution: For example, a minimum resolution density of 250 pixels per meter in all areas of grandstand that, according to the EN 62676-4, is required for unequivocal identification and that usually admitted as evidence in court.

This is also especially relevant for modern analytics applications, because only with high and exactly definable image qualities can usable data be generated. This data collection opens up completely new fields of application for video technology such as, For example, the use of AI as useful support systems.

Intelligent data management

blankVCA-based systems (video content analyse) and AI today offer a wide range of functions as assistive tools that greatly improve the efficiency of operators and processes, such as those used to analyze concentrations of people or objects.

Results can be represented on a heat map, helping public transport in bus control, metro and other means with the aim of managing large volumes of amateurs.

In the event that more viewers are concentrated than allowed, from a safety point of view they perform a 'capacity count' to prevent the overcrowding of certain areas of grandstand. They also contribute to improving marketing by evaluating the number of ticket buyers who do not attend the match and allowing controlled sales of fan zones, improving the results.

Support for intervention and research

ibrox stadium Rangers FC dallmeierForensic consultations, such as facial recognition, can be used to deny, from the entrance area, access to the stadium to visitors who are on the 'blacklist', or subsequently check the whereabouts of people of interest in video recording, For example, to investigate their involvement in incidents.

Other possible fields of application of Dallmeier systems are the support of security personnel during their intervention through photos or real-time video recordings, sent by the control center. In this way, critical situations can be assessed more effectively and resolved more quickly.

Also, mobile devices can be used for test collection. The possibility of centralized collection of all the data in an incident (Photos, Videos, witness statements, Documents, Etc.) in an electronic file and its retransmission to different systems (Police, Justice) complete the handy support function.

Video systems to improve business processes

blankApart from its security objective, video technology, Video analytics support systems and data management features also serve to improve numerous business processes: automatic license plate recognition (Anpr) shortens waiting times in car parks and allows for improved parking management.

Better crowd control of people in traffic management during waiting times, either in the entrance area or in the catering area, increases visitor satisfaction even more. Along with effective security, also a large number of processes in many areas can be optimized by business intelligencegenerated by video.

In the coming years, sports stadium operators' video systems will go from simple spending positions to becoming true 'profit centres' that will not only quickly recover investments made, but by themselves they will generate profits and contribute to greater total profitability.

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