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This northern Italian city has installed networked cameras, with built-in applications, vehicle counting and license plate recognition, from Hanwha Techwin's Wisenet range.

Known as the city where education ministers from various European countries signed the agreement to establish the European Higher Education Area (Ehea), Bologna is currently one of the favorite places for thousands of students, which has become a tourist destination in Northern Italy.

Proof of this is that Bologna is the seventh most populous city in Italy, with a metropolitan central area of approximately one million people using a wide range of means of transport to move within a very large area.

That's why, city authorities have invested in traffic control and monitoring systems to make commuting easier and faster for their citizens. An example of this is a centralized traffic light management system that has been in operation since 2013 and that has helped in these years reduce travel times within the urban area.

With the aim of evolving and improving mobility and security, their managers were looking for a network video solution to monitor twelve vehicle access points to the city that would provide authorities with reliable real-time information on urban mobility, strategic planning measures and optimally redistribute traffic load on the road network.

After analyzing numerous proposals and evaluating a wide range of possible solutions, the decision chosen by the authorities has been the manufacturer's video surveillance technology Hanwha Techwin, with the acquisition of a total of 89 Wisenet cameras.

The installed solution consists of network cameras that are dedicated to the counting and classification of vehicles, along with license plate-reading devices that have been installed in strategic accesses to the city. These cameras monitor travel in both directions to allow local authorities to study vehicle access flows.

This is made possible by the latest generation of Wisenet cameras, combining high image quality and advanced video algorithms to add more value to video surveillance and help improve mobility and security in smart cities or smart cities.

Specifically, twenty-four Wisenet XNO-6120R/TD bullet cameras equipped with Traffic Data have been installed, an app based on the camera itself and developed together with Sprinx Technologies that facilitates the collection of statistical data on the flow of vehicles (count, average rating and speed).

In that one, another twenty-four Wisenet XNO-6120R/FNP units, including the Roadway License Plate Recognition app Ff. Group, that helps operators at the local authority's control centre detect illegally parked vehicles and other traffic violations.

Compatible with all European license plate formats, the app has a recognition accuracy of more than 95%, regardless of environmental conditions, even when vehicles travel at speeds of up to 150 Km/h.

The Wisenet XNO-6120R camera is a bullet camera, of 2 megapixel, capable of capturing high-definition images with the help of a 12x optical zoom. It has digital image stabilization, integrated gyroscopic sensor, a function to defog the lens and integrated IR lighting.

They have also been installed 41 Wisenet SNP-L6233RH PTZ dommos, with resolution 2 megapíxeles y zoom 23x con IR, ubicadas estratégicamente en los principales cruces de carreteras de la ciudad de Bolonia para que los operadores del centro de control puedan ver en detalle cualquier incidente.

Alberto Nuzzo, jefe de la oficina de infraestructura digital y telecomunicaciones de la comunidad de Bolonia, explica su satisfacción por “la facilidad que ha sido integrar con éxito las cámaras Wisenet con nuestra plataforma de gestión de vídeo y otros sistemas de supervisión”.

Thanks to this solution, "the data captured by traffic data and license plate reading applications, running on the cameras themselves, allow us to manage existing traffic levels much better, says Nuzzo-, while helping us capture and store valuable data that we analyze and help us plan better".

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By • 11 Nov, 2019
• Section: Case Studies, MAIN FOCUS, Urban Security, Services, CCTV