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Security systems and analytical specialists, Hanwha Techwin and Sprinx Technologies have developed this modular system to help operators maintain a traffic flowed in the city.

Hanwha Techwin Sprinx Technologies Traffic Aid

Hanwha Techwin and Sprinx Technologies they have combined their experience and knowledge in security and analytics to develop Wisenet Automatic Incident Detection (AID), an automatic incident detection system, easy to install and need for urban applications, especially suitable for local administrations with tight budgets, According to both companies.

Traffic AID allows traders to know the status of the traffic immediately when jams occur or retentions to form on the road. Also, It detects vehicles damaged or stopped incorrect on the road, In addition to detecting if a vehicle circulates in the opposite direction, If there is smoke in a tunnel and even if dropped from a truck load.

As noted from the companies responsible for their development, "this system uses intelligent image processing to rapidly inform specific incidents of traffic operators and", both, allows you to record statistical data as classification, counting and flow of traffic".

This system helps operators to define the detection zones and other parameters easily thanks to its simple interface; analyze statistical data using graphs and pictures, In addition to having a record of all events and screenshots of individual incidents.

Traffic AID modules include Pedestrian and stop detection' (PSD), that alerts operators of traffic when it detects pedestrians and vehicles stopped in a tunnel or on the hard shoulder; Traffic Flow, to simultaneously monitor two separate traffic lanes and calculate the traffic flow in order to automatically alert if there are traffic jams on the road or retention of vehicles are.

Traffic Data module allows managing traffic at short notice and carry out the city centre long term planning, Since it provides statistical data on the density, average speed and flow of motorcycles, cars, trucks and buses.

For his part, Server Traffic Hub-based application captures data from Hanwha Wisenet cameras connected network and, through its interface, It offers a quick view of all traffic incidents. Application, available in packages of 4, 16 and 48 channels, It provides graphs on detailed traffic data, as the number of vehicles and average speed, simple way.

Specifically, from Hanwha, they point out that their Wisenet X high definition to AID Traffic cameras have wide dynamic range (WDR) and Vari-focal lens motorized for environments with low lighting and ensure that operators can display crisp, clear images, day and night. They are joined by fixed cameras of 2 megapixel Wisenet XNB-6000 and XNB-6005, as well as the model bullet go XNP-6120R, that integrate gyro sensors to provide a precise stabilization to compensate for wind and vibrations on outside.

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By • 12 Dec, 2017
• Section: Control Systems, Business, Urban Security, Services, CCTV