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These devices of Hanwha Techwin offer license plate reading group for the management of small installations with many entries and exits of vehicles.

Hanwha Techwin Wisenet Group ANPR

The range of intelligent traffic management solutions of Hanwha Techwin expands with the cameras worn Wisenet Group ANPR, they take advantage of the chipset manufacturer and provide a license plate reading solution group for small installations with many inputs and outputs from vehicles or roads.

Camera IP communication technology allows the joint operation of up to four devices Wisenet Group ANPR camera (a master camera and three slaves), that they recognize the license plates of vehicles and transmit data simultaneously to a single web-based display.

Wisenet Group ANPR share many of the features of the license plate reading solution for a single camera that this manufacturer presented at the end of 2017, and they offer the possibility of automatically controlling the movement of a white list of cars through barriers by cameras relay outputs, In addition to valuable information for the management of the car park as, for example, the length of stay and occupancy rates.

Hanwha Techwin Wisenet Group ANPR

The range of management solutions for intelligent traffic Wisenet with license plate reading cameras has been developed by Hanwha Techwin in collaboration with experts in analytics FF Group, that this type of cameras also includes a license plate reading solution in server for the management of large installations, as well as options in the cloud.

For Bob (H.Y.) Hwang, CEO, Hanwha Techwin Europe, "these cameras allow parking of vehicles access control, as well as the implementation of powerful urban systems, It facilitates local authorities public security maintenance, enforcement of parking regulations and traffic violations detection".

One of the great benefits of this development is, as he says Hwang, "the great integration of FF Group analytics with our cameras Wisenet, so that customers can install a license plate reading very effective solution without having to evaluate numerous specialized analytical solutions that exist in the market".

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By • 18 May, 2018
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