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This high-precision solution for police and investigative use allows the connection of up to two Onvif compatible IP cameras.

Critical Europe's IDTKcar license plate collection and recognition system (now 2CI Group) it's a compact, high-precision solution, designed and manufactured for police and investigative use. A simple team, versatile and economical that retains all the power and flexibility of the IDTK-client main system.

This equipment incorporates IDTKsoft software, that allows the capture, analysis, matching and studying patterns and routines, as well as the video and image pass captured from any other system for analysis and storage in a database, which expands its effectiveness in research and verification of license plates.

IDTKsoft software can recognize license plates continuously, even at speeds higher than 250 Km/h. This system is versatile, very flexible and with several platforms for identification use, control and research.

IDTKcar makes it easy to connect up to two IP cameras (Onvif/RTSP) and to 4 megapixel resolution. The system has an additional GPS accessory to locate the position with the license plate pickup. In addition to its ability to read Latin characters, the engine can also read in Arabic, Chinese, Cyrillic and, with special training, any other type of license plate.

Also, Critical Europe has developed its own source code for the collection and recognition of license plates, called nNT code (neural network technology), based on neural networks. Este sistema de reconocimiento de las imágenes de los números y letras de las matrículas se puede implementar mediante distintas técnicas de aprendizaje de máquina, como las redes neuronales o técnicas de aprendizaje profundo (Deep Learning).

Business Alliance

Moreover, las sociedades Critical Europe, Canvision Systems y el Instituto Nacional de I+D en Seguridad han unificado en una alianza empresarial denominada 2CI Group, “un paso importante para el crecimiento y expansión de nuestras empresas”.

Although all three companies maintain their tax headquarters and differentiated business activity, with the common denominator of belonging to the tenological safety sector and sharing knowledge and resources, the creation of 2CI Group aims to strengthen the level of communication with customers.

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By • 6 Nov, 2019
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