Hanwha Vision AI Dual Spectrum Camera

Designed for rapid thermal detection and visual identification, TNM-C4940TD cameras, TNM-C4950TD and TNM-C4960TD Hanwha Vision have two lenses to generate a VGA thermal image and another 4K optical.

Hanwha Vision has developed a new range of dual-spectrum cameras with artificial intelligence that offers optical and thermal images of the same area simultaneously. The cameras TNM-C4940TD, TNM-C4950TD and TNM-C4960TD have two lenses to generate a VGA thermal image and another 4K optical.

The Thermal lens Enables perimeter detection of suspicious activity, even in low light, bad weather conditions or when some visual barrier, like vegetation, Block the zone. The optics Provides identification details to determine if suspicious activity is causing it, For example, an intruder.

This enables rapid detection and identification, without having to install two separate devices, which saves time, Equipment, Ongoing maintenance costs and reduces total cost of ownership.

The cameras feature object detection and classification based on deep learning high-precision. AI-based object detection reduces false alarms, providing operators with a reliable source of events, while accurate object classification improves operational efficiency by making forensic search highly efficient.

Can detect human faces, as well as identifying private vehicles and license plates, they also ignore irrelevant movements, like leaves of trees that move with the wind, Shadows, lost objects or animals moving within the field of vision.

By using the possibilities of the artificial intelligence, This range of cameras can also be used to monitor road traffic., providing alerts when vehicles stop and cause traffic jams.

In adverse weather conditions or in low light, Vehicles can also be tracked in the distance with the thermal lens, while the 4K optical lens offers critical information as they approach the camera, for example the license plate number, as well as the type of vehicle (car / truck / bus / bicycle / Motocyclta). Operators can also switch between multiple thermal color palettes to show more scene details.

On the other hand, in industrial environments, The thermal lens can quickly detect a sudden rise in temperature that may indicate a failure in equipment or piping. Alerts can be automatically sent to operators to show exactly where the problem has occurred. Later, operators can use the 4K lens to learn more about the problem and direct maintenance personnel to the location, preventing the failure from causing more problems, Hazards and downtime.

The TNM-C4940TD camera has an optical field of view (Fov) of 50° and a thermal FoV of 37°; TNM-C4950TD is 31.9° and 24.2° respectively; and the TNM-C4960TD model is 17.4° and 13.1°, offering diverse options to meet different use cases.

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By • 5 Jul, 2023
• Section: Video surveillance