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Based on great performance with Multi-Core CPU server hardware, This German manufacturer appliance allows up to 100 channels of HD video recording in real time.

Dallmeier Smavia IPS 10000

The new Smavia IPS appliance 10000 of Dallmeier It incorporates a high-speed storage components, with integrated RAID system 6 that can be extended with an external system on RAID JBOD 6, with the aim of offering a recording system, with up to 100 channels of HD video in real time, for large installations, as stadiums, shopping centers, casinos or conference centres.

Smavia IPS 10000 It has eight bays for hard disk for easy access on the front, Since it is equipped with eight hard disks for server of 6 TB, available optionally to make recordings with RAID storage capacity 6 of 36 TB. In combination with the external system Smavia Enterprise JBOD RAID 6 You can also expand with 60 Additional TB.

Pre-installed recording Smavia Recording Server software is designed as an open platform. In combination with the appropriate licenses, it is possible to record both with Dallmeier cameras as with third party with motion detection IP devices and configure them using Protocol Onvif.

Smavia Viewing Client is available for the evaluation of video streams, It offers extensive search and navigation features. Also, the appliance has licence SeMSy Flat from factory, so integration into the system of storage of a video management system ensures SeMSy III.

This appliance supports the functions of SeMSy III in its entirety, including evaluation of recordings in a SeMSy III Workstation. Mobile access to video images through the smartphone Dallmeier Mobile Video Center app is also possible (DMVC), available for iOS and Android operating systems.

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By • 4 May, 2016
• Section: Equipment test, Infrastructure, Services