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With the aim of having a vision of high quality of the whole scene, This integration allows the user of Genetec to benefit from the so-called 'Panomera effect', for the surveillance of large surfaces and large spatial contexts.

The Canadian technology company Genetec It offers a broad portfolio of security solutions, business intelligence and operations area. With the integration of systems Panomera of Dallmeier in its proprietary solution Security Center, This proven functionality is for the first time at the disposal of the users of one of the most widespread security platforms in the market.

Thanks to this, users now have completely new possibilities for observation and surveillance of large surfaces and large spatial contexts, Since sensors multifocal Panomera of Dallmeier systems allow clients to surveillance of vast areas from 2011.

With the integration of the systems Panomera Genetec Security Centera platform starting from the version 5.7 SR4, customers of the Canadian manufacturer can now benefit from all the advantages of these solutions, requiring a regular license of Chamber of Genetec.e

Centre security Genetec in city of LakelandSpecifically, Panomera intelligently composed images of up to seven sensors in detail and one of the general view that has, in a complete in a single camera system image. Al contrario que las soluciones convencionales –por ejemplo, a combination of cameras, megapixel and PTZ or multisensor systems-, all areas a scene are fully captured continuously with maximum resolution.

Operators can simultaneously make zoom on multiple areas of this image, while always maintaining representation in high resolution of all that is happening. This eliminates switching between perspectives of cameras, many times it is confusing and complicated, and unnecessary levels of building and area search, significantly reducing the number of cameras and screens to observe, greatly simplifies it the work of operators.

All hearings are recorded in high resolution, so it is possible to zoom in at will, with an extremely high resolution in all areas of detail of a scene, as well as subsequent backup. This is a very important function, for example, for complex situations or for a successful forensic evaluation, what not possible with a single sensor solutions PTZ.

Thomas Dallmeier, Member of the boardof Dallmeier, He has expressed his satisfaction by this cooperation between the two companies "offering customers an ideal combination of a platform for comfortable management and moderate and powerful video security systems on the use of resources. From the moment of planning can be defined with accuracy resolution over the entire surface density, guaranteeing a precise fulfilment of defined security objectives".

To these advantages, the directors of Dallmeier also adds "high management efficiency and the number of cameras required, considerably lower with the Panomera solution compared to traditional approaches, which reduces overall operating costs and the deployment of the system".

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By • 18 June, 2019
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