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This corner mount camera has an integrated infrared transmitter from 940 nm, that projected infrared light up to 10 meters away. It is vandal resistant IK10 + and offers seal rating IP66 and IP6K9K.

Hanwha Wisenet TNV-7010RC

Wisenet TNV-7010RC camera from 3MP for corner mounting of Hanwha Techwin It has been designed to comply with the requirements of the police, prisons and mental health institutions, where is should take precautions to avoid, among other risks, prisoners and patients are autolesionen.

Hanwha TNV-7010RCWisenet TNV-7010RC camera has an integrated infrared transmitter from 940 nm, that projected infrared light at a distance of up to 10 meters away, with a wavelength greater than the traditional IR light flashing a bright red.Hanwha TNV-7010RC

This is invisible to the human eye and avoids the risk of disturbance to people who sleep in safe rooms. The camera day/night with mechanical filter is, also, able to capture clear, crisp images in color, When light levels fall to 0,3 luxury.

It also has wide dynamic range (WDR), allowing you to work with up to 120dB, para producir imágenes precisas en escenas que contienen simultáneamente zonas muy brillantes y muy oscuras.

“Hay reclusos y pacientes que intentan autolesionarse. Es por esto que la carcasa de montaje en esquina de esta ha sido diseñada para hacer que sea imposible para cualquier persona apoyarse en la cámara para autolesionarse, siempre que ésta esté bien instalada”, says Uri Guterman, Director of product and marketing at Hanwha Techwin Europe.

Esta cámara es antivandálica IK10+ y ofrece hermeticidad con clasificación IP66 e IP6K9K, as well as a shock detection feature to alert the control centre operators if someone tries to produce a breakdown.

Hanwha TNV-7010RCTo protect the privacy of an inmate or a patient, privacy masks can be set precisely in a specific area of the field of vision of the camera. A built-in microphone and audio options facilitate two-way communication.

The H.265 Wisenet TNV-7010RC camera has an extensive list of additional features, that it provide benefits to operators in the monitoring of open areas of correctional institutions, Police and mental health.

Including, They include a set of integrated analytical manipulation/sabotage, merodeo, directional detection, detection of blur, detection of fogging, Virtual Online, input and output, (des)appearance, audio detection, Face Detection, motion detection and classification of sounds.

View in Hall format provides an effective way to monitor tight vertical areas such as lobbies, Since it allows the cameras create images with aspect ratios 9:16 x 3:4, function effectively in high places and narrow

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By • 27 Feb, 2019
• Section: CCTV