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The manufacturer will show, during the upcoming celebration of the European Police Congress 2019, the combination of an innovative technology in an IP camera and an advanced analysis software.

Dallmeier solution police

Video technology is now essential in the police force day to day. However, many of the solutions represent a great challenge for agents who work with them, because they often require much staff for their implementation and management.

In the European Police Congress, to take place in Berlin days 19 and 20 for the month of February, manufacturer Dallmeier, based in the German city of Regensburg, It will show how the combination of innovative technology in a camera network and an advanced software enables an analysis, an observation and a video surveillance much more efficient.

Also, the company will also display another important element for this sector, as they are the solutions for the partial automation of police tasks.

3D Smart-Viewing, an overview of

ParkinGo DallmeierThe combination of the technology Panomera with the new concept 3D Smart-Viewing opens new perspectives in this regard. Depending on the area to observe, combine the new Panomera systems of 360 degrees with other models in the series, allowing surveillance without cracks even in the wider space.

Tasks such as tracking people through different cameras or connection of the device better located in each case are made of partially automated mode. In this way you can see, with a minimal amount of screens, contexts of an event that was impossible to register so far.

When it's a lot of scenarios, This technology allows, for the first time in the market, an effective observation without too much personal video. Thanks to the combination of analytical systems based on artificial intelligence (IA), You can release tasks to the security forces.

On the one hand, now can focus on the most relevant events and, otherwise, It is possible to filter the facts that have no importance before performing an appraisal or a human intervention.

Software to streamline the police protocols

Dallmeier presents solutions to streamline police protocols for two specific areas: a modular capable of providing security personnel, centralized way and in real time, información inmediata a través de los terminales móviles, tanto en forma de imágenes fijas o en movimiento, así como datos cartográficos en tiempo real, etc.. para las fuerzas móviles.

Esta solución permite una mejor coordinación de las fuerzas de seguridad y una comunicación óptima con la sala de mando. For example, resulta especialmente útil en partidos de fútbol, Since the law enforcement can identify the suspects directly in the access tunnel, to receive photos and other information in real-time on your device.

Also, It can be combined with the solution called 'digital police report', a highly flexible system that allows you to collect details of a case from anywhere, of varied provenance, and assign them to a digital report, in which data from different sources and media are collected, que se pueden incorporar electrónicamente para las siguientes fases de la investigación.

El sistema puede adaptarse a cualquier procedimiento. Una aplicación concreta serían actos multitudinarios, as well as the registration of traffic incidents and those in which the registration and treatment of data of research are associated with high costs of resources and personnel.

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By • 21 Jan, 2019
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