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Electronic Tinoco and Sonotrack companies have installed an IP PA system, based on digital equipment Yamaha CA in a Seville power distribution enclosure, distributed by the latter.

Sonotrack Yamaha CA and electronics Tinoco

Especializada en electrónica de seguridad CCTV, fire alarms and public address and intercom systems with special facilities, Electronics Tinoco I was looking for a public IP address for a project solution in an industrial enclosure located in Seville area, intended for the distribution of food products, to respond to provide coverage to a large expanse of land, with ships with an incessant truck traffic and large storage.

All these features of the system posed a difficulty level of wiring, that the company Sonotrack analyzed to propose possible solutions and proposing the most appropriate, consistent enun decentralized with digital equipment PA system Yamaha CA, supplied by the same company.

Specifically, Central has been installed, where is located the digital matrix Dante Yamaha, with the network by fiber electronics. Also, in every ship of the enclosure has a connected to this network IP of four channels power amplifier, It manages two zones by ship.

Among the main challenges of this project were the reliability of the operation of the equipment in a network IP connection, the quality of the final result of the audio, as well as the fulfilment of the basic functions for standard PA and its use in case of evacuation. As a fully autonomous PA, the certification of equipment for standard Evac was not enforceable.

The answer provided by Sonotrack and Team Yamaha CA-based with Dante has responded to these requirements, in the first phase of this project, susceptible to future enlargements, in collaboration with electronic Tionoco (through its subsidiary systems Tinoco), that which makes years projects of this kind in Andalusia.

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By • 22 Oct, 2018
• Section: Case Studies, Communications, Services