Swansea Vaughan Sound Audiologic Stadium

The project of Vaughan Sound Installations It is based on public address systems and speakers of the firms Nexus And Toa, supplied by Audiologic, to ensure intelligibility of messages and security of attendees throughout the venue.

The Swansea Stadium (Formerly known as Liberty) is the third largest in Wales, with a capacity for 21.088 Spectators, is home to the Swansea City FC football team and the Ospreys rugby union teams..

In order to improve professional audio systems, Stadium public address system and voice alarm, Its managers commissioned the specialist Vaughan Sound Installations The project, to be implemented in two distinct phases.

The first involved upgrades to the public address and voice alarm systems that cover the lobbies., hospitality areas and turnstiles, according to British standard BS 5839-8, while the second focused on replacing outdated speakers that had been exposed to the elements for several years., as well as the amplification and processing equipment of the system (more details on Digital AV Magazine).

Obviously, the new systems had to comply with current safety standards and Football Association guidelines for emergency sound systems in stadiums.

Swansea Vaughan Sound Audiologic Stadium

All audio system updates, Public address system and voice alarm had to be designed, be specified and installed according to strict standards BS 5839-8, BS 7827 And BS 50849, as they had to work together in unison to provide safety and security to people by broadcasting public address and voice evacuation messages.

In the first phase of the project, Vaughan Sound initially evaluated the existing voice alarm system, This involved fully inspecting and testing the speaker circuitry at the back of the stadium.. "We determined that all of these could be reused., but we recommended that the external speakers be replaced, with additional zoning for offices and hospitality areas", explain from the company.

In total they have been installed 42 Horn speakers Penton MHS20T/ENC of 20 Ws that do not comply with EN54-24 in stadium turnstile areas, according to BS 5839-8, powered by a new voice alarm system TOA VX-3000, consisting of four networked racks in each corner of the stadium.

A fire microphone RM-200SF from this manufacturer is located next to the main fire control panel for manual evacuation procedures, to which is added a zonal public address microphone RM-300X located at the main reception desk.

Swansea Vaughan Sound Audiologic Stadium

To upgrade the public address system at Swansea Stadium, Vaughan Sound made a pre-design concept. "Our proposal was overseen by an accredited audio consultant., who independently verified compliance with our system design", Explain.

First of all, A report of Acoustic simulation for the stadium, which included the predictions of the Speech transmission (STI) to illustrate quality and intelligibility. The public address system includes 66 Speakers Nexus P12 no IPX5 rated, powered by ten power amplifiers of your Nxamp series with Dante control.

During event mode, The system is controlled via a touch screen located in the control room. The public address microphone at the reception desk acts as a secondary input source. A DJ input provides connection from a mixer Yamaha TF1 and associated audio.

Voice messages can be routed to any zone group, individual or pre-assigned. The voice alarm system covering the reception and lobby areas has been designed to meet the requirements of the BS standard 5839-8.

This system has been designed to comply with V3, allowing both automatic and voice evacuation, and operate independently during normal daily activity and when events are held. The fault indication is displayed on the main fire panel and on the assigned microphone, making it easy for staff to monitor system status and quickly determine if a problem has occurred.

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