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Sony's Ipela range of video surveillance cameras has been expanded with two new wireless models: SNC-CX600W, designed for small businesses, and SNC-CX600, high-definition.

Sony SNC-CX600WThe multinational Sony has incorporated two new models of wireless video surveillance cameras -SNC-CX600W and SNC-CX600-, to your Ipela security range, which have built-in motion sensors and can be controlled from a smartphone.

Both models, with a wide viewing angle and 720p image quality, are an ideal small business security solution (Shops, Offices, Stores, Etc), because they offer numerous functions very easy to install at an affordable price.

Sony SNC-CX600WThe new Sony SNC-CX600W cameras, already available on the European market, and SNC-CX600 (to be marketed next December) provide high-resolution images, white LED lighting and built-in recording, all in a compact and elegant design for installation and non-intrusive adequacy in shops and offices.

Both units incorporate Sony's Ipela Engine EX integrated signal processing system and a lens that covers up to 120 Degrees (which is an increase in the 50 percent compared to other market chambers of the same class), so that the number of needs to cover any space is reduced.

Each device also includes a motion sensor that works in both bright and dark environments, white LED lighting that allows for crisp color recording, a speaker and a microphone, among other elements. For example: when the motion sensor detects an intruder, the camera can respond by switching wide-angle with LED lighting, reproducing an alert and a pre-recorded voice message while sending an email notification to the user.

Through Internet Explorer, the user can view the live images of the event and play back recordings of the optional SD card. In addition, the CX600W camera is Wi-Fi certified for stable transmission and, thanks to the protected Wi-Fi setup system (Wps), offers simple network security settings.

Since these cameras have parallel local storage, can store images and audio directly on microSD or Micro SDHC cards and capture motion-activated images without the use of an external recorder, reducing the space required and installation and maintenance costs.

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By • 15 Oct, 2013
• Section: Deep down, Communications, Video surveillance