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Find and Resue allows you to control the deployment on the ground of the emergency teams. Using a device laptop that carries each effective, the Center Coordinator can know your location, and in case of incidence are a signal of alarm, What speeds up the support and attention of others effective.

Egeon Technology will present in 4YFN (4 Years From Now) its system of management telematics of teams of emergency Find & Rescue, developed with the collaboration of Samur protection Civil city of Madrid and the support technology of crossThings.

4YFN is an international meeting organized by Barcelona Mobile Word Capital during the GSMA Mobile World Congress (MWC), whose objective is to connect to startups, investors and corporations and that will take place in Fira de Montjuic between the 27 of February and the 1 March.

At its stand (Pavilion M8- 03.3) Egeon Technology will show the features of this system of control and management of equipment professional that develop their activity in areas of risk, some environments where is essential know with precision both the location geographical as the State of each one of them effective deployed on the ground.

Using a device laptop that carries each effective, the central coordinator of the deployment or the central know your location at all times, which allows to show in real time the distribution field of all deployed troops, streamlining management and decision-making by policy-makers.

This solution is composed of devices IoT, personal autonomous units, and of a platform software of management of events. The personal autonomous unit incorporates a series of sensors to determine their geographical location and detect movement, impacts and position. When there is movement, fall, impact… transmits the values measured to the platform of management of events through networks GPRS, 3G / 4 G, Sigfox or other systems. This allows that your carrier can be supported or attended on-site by others effective with greater speed.

Each device emits real time information from its sensors to an event management platform, where is processed and displayed on a map the State and the location of all them effective deployed at one or several points simultaneous, what allows you to manage them both from a single Center Coordinator as by the responsible in field of each deployment.

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By • 22 Feb, 2017
• Section: Alarms, Communications, Control Systems, Detection, Events, Urban Security