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The new range is composed by five cameras anti-vandal dome of 2 MP, It incorporates advanced features as audio or blur detection analysis.

Hanwha minidomos Wisenet XNV

Hanwha Techwin It has expanded its range of safety H.265 with a range of Mini dome cameras integrated by five models Wisenet XNV. All are ruggedized network equipment, equipped with 2 megapixel. Two of them make up a 2,4,mm lens (XNV-6012y XNV - 6012M) and three are of 3,6 mm (XNV - 6013M, XNV-6022R and XNV-6022RM).

They are designed for environments where space is limited: lifts, receptions and foyers, hollow stairs and small shops. Three of the new models (XNV - 6012M, XNV - 6013M and XNV-6022RM) have been built to withstand vibrations that may occur by means of transportation and have the corresponding certification.

These recent additions to the range Wisenet X, all of them are vandal-proof, They allow to capture high-definition images of 2 megapixel, they have a powerful DSP chipset and equipped with advanced technology of wide dynamic range (150 dB).

The new Mini dome cameras benefit from a long list of features that include an analysis of audio function, It recognizes critical sounds like gun shooting, explosions, screams and broken glass. They also have blur detection, of faces, fog/smoke, Virtual Online, appearance and disappearance of objects, raiding and sabotage/manipulation of the camera.

They are designed with digital PTZ de 24 increases, bi-directional audio, display format Hall, motion detection and the option to transfer from one event to another camera. They are standard features as well as the ability to store up to 256 GB of data using an SD/SDHC/SDXC memory card, ensuring there is no loss of recording in the event of a disruption of the network.

As in the case with other cameras of the range of open platform Wisenet X, the new models use H.265 and WiseStream II, an additional compression technology that dynamically controls the encoding, looking for the balance between quality and compression according to the movement in the picture. The efficiency of the consumption of bandwidth is improved up to in a 99%, in comparison with the current technology H.264, WiseStream II is when combined with compression H.265.

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By • 29 May, 2018
• Section: CCTV