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Hanwha Techwin security manufacturer has developed a range of cameras from 2 MP's basic level composed of twelve models with integrated IR LEDs.

Hanwha Techwin Wisenet LWisenet L range of Hanwha Techwin they have the must-haves for projects in which many devices are required and the budget is limited. Composed of twelve models (bullet and vandal minidomos) with infrared Led to capture high quality images with resolution of 2 megapixel, regardless of the lighting conditions.

These economic Chambers also share some of the technologies that have been incorporated into other ranges Wisenet, as wide dynamic range (WDR) improved, with superior performance at 120dB, to achieve images precise in light situations where very dark and bright areas are combined at the same time, In addition to reducing the fuzzy effect created by the movement.

Hanwha Techwin Wisenet LWiseStream II, the second generation of additional compression of this manufacturer, It is another of the contributions that incorporates this new range to maintain the quality of the video and, both, significantly improve bandwidth efficiency, as they underscore from Hanwha.

Wisenet L network cameras have the display hall type function; a very useful function to monitor vertical and narrow areas, such as corridors and tunnels. The images are captured with an aspect ratio of 9:16×3:4, especially suitable for this kind of spaces and improve the quality of captured image.

Bob Hwang, CEO, Hanwha Techwin Europe, He explains that "cameras Wisenet L come to complement Wisenet Q ranges, X and P, and they have been developed as a direct result of the answers and opinions of customers who require a choice of affordable price for applications where a large number of computers should be installed, without the benefits of the higher ranges, but with excellent image quality".

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By • 25 Apr, 2018
• Section: To fund, CCTV