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Configure a reliable network video surveillance system, Sturdy and quality depends entirely on devices that really meet these requirements, as analyses Sergio Fukushima, Technical Manager of Axis Communications for South America.

Axis, Milestone and Schneider in BC business

This year, Axis lost a project of more than three hundred cameras for road use. In a matter of weeks, the vast majority of the devices presented water infiltration, so it has been necessary to conduct recount of expenditures associated with the labor of the Integrator for the replacement of cameras and add the costs related to equipment downtime.

The fragility of a video surveillance system can be physical, as in this case, or software, as the vulnerabilities that can facilitate unauthorized access. Water to enter in a camera perhaps worse is the entrance of a hacker, and the perception of risk usually only occurs when the purchase decision was already taken, the project was already installed and integrated, and the problem was already climbed.

axis faThe plurality of manufacturers in the professional video surveillance market has motivated it teams and safety of customers to make a decision other than the practiced process some years ago: It is not enough with this place into a role of your product specifications, but that has become increasingly common the so-called proof of concept, According to which the client installed cameras in a real situation over a period of time for the performance of the teams before choosing the brand and verify if what says the manufacturer corresponds to the facts by itself.

Axis center madrid experienceDespite the fact that the above reduces the risk of project failures after making the investment, the reality is that any decision implies difficulties. Choose one or another brand determines the degree of risk that the client is willing to assume, whereas the reputation of competitors, warranties, availability and promptness of support, the history of other clients, in media investments to protect the system against cyber attacks by private groups and Government agencies, among other indicators.

There is also the risk to find whole lots with serious failures. In some cases, the problem is that images are not useful for visualization. Although any manufacturer is theoretically subject to these failures, It is essential to adopt a rigorous quality control process to minimize this possibility.

Axis Analytics SpotlightWhen the camera reaches the hands of the client and comes out of the box, It should work perfectly. To ensure to not pass inadvertent error, products shall be tested automatically and manually, including tests with high pressure water jet, strong impacts against the camera and hours and hours of continuous vibration.

In this sense, a product only has its continuous development in Axis after passing through a sieve of a technical team that evaluates various elements, including image quality. But in addition to the price paid by the customer, each election also has implications for the environment.

According to the audited data of Axis, over 85% all their cameras and network video encoders are PVC-free, a material that has a negative impact on nature. Some devices have a much lower than that of a lamp power consumption Les, and all this should be assessed in the morning.

To devote more time to the analysis of these factors before making a purchase, will be devoted less time to these aspects after making the investment. The participation of manufacturers with apparently similar proposals really requires a detailed and judiciously by the customers decision process, and that engage directly in the election and assert their interests. At the end, is also he who will pay more expensive consequences.

Axis Latin America Sergio FukushimaSergio Fukushima

Technical Manager of Axis Communications for South America










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By • 12 Sep, 2017
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