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They have been installed in the stadium 10 equipment PTZ Redvision RV30 and other IP cameras have been placed around Vicarage Road, as well as inside. Some analog equipment have been retained and adapted to the IP system using Axis encoders and added solutions IP vandal-proof dome of LG.

Redvision Watford FC

The Watford Football Club has invested in a CCTV system which includes 70 IP cameras in order to ensure the safety of the spectators during matches and other events, covering all the stadium. It protects the external accesses and turnstiles. This English team was founded in 1881 as a third division club. He progressed through the ranks of the football to reach the first Division in the years 80 and in 2015 It has achieved a place in the FA Premier League.

Watford FC Stadium, permanent location is in Vicarage Road, the company has selected Videcom Security to take charge of your CCTV system, that has designed and installed video surveillance and security solutions for almost 30 years old.

Redvision Watford FC

When Videcom took over, the entire system was analog, with limited resolution and quality. This infrastructure was updated and implemented a circuit of fiber around the inner perimeter of the stadium and an integrated network VLAN is established for managing high capacity and delivery of IP video flows.

Videcom choose video management software Luxriot Global control and record EVO and installed 10 PTZ cameras in 1080 p Redvision RV30 in the field. Other IP cameras have been placed around Vicarage Road, as well as inside, in terraces, tickets and retail areas. Some cameras have been preserved and encoded into the IP system using encoders of Axis, What has allowed to save costs. Also added vandal-proof dome IP camera's LG.

This security infrastructure has been designed with the ability to grow as needs emerge.

Redvision Watford FC

Viacom has used the PTZ Redvision RV30 by its robust casing, options to go lights or white and easy maintenance. Luxriot VMS supports cameras Redvision IP and LG have been used, as well as digital encoders from Axis. It allows multiple operator access, walls in the control room display and has a wide range of remote viewing options.

"The combination of Redvision and Luxriot is a proven solution for Full HD high-end. The integration is done through the ONVIF protocol opened for most of the positions of cameras, with a choice of integration SDK for Redvision cameras in some cases. We take cameras RV30 multi-stream capabilities, using the Full HD version, 1080p. Full HD video stream is used for recording and it makes use of a flow of lower resolution for platforms of videowall and display that does not need to show Full HD. This reduces the use of bandwidth on the network and allows efficient image processing”, says Bill Mead, managing director of Videcom.

Redvision Watford FC

Videcom has helped to sign an agreement to share resources of the Chambers of the thoroughfare with Watford Borough Council, where the RV30 are used within the city centre CCTV scheme, also installed and maintained by Videcom.

The Chambers of the city centre are operated through a platform Synectics Synergy and are another example of the flexibility and ease of integration available between the Chambers of Redvision and VMS solutions. The club and the city centre CCTV systems share video from some of the public space cameras, to provide high protection in the areas that lead to the club. This helps to improve the rates of prevention of crimes and incidents.

Redvision Watford FC

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By • 24 Jul, 2017
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