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The units UTP3-SW04-TP60-A1 incorporate ports PoE and mode CCTV what allows you to extend the distance of transmission until 250 meters and meet needs of cameras feeding, network access equipment, NVR and wireless access points. A solution designed for use in shops and supermarkets, offices, and small factories.

Avitom It has unveiled the unmanaged switches UTP3-SW04-TP60-A1's Utepo to data networks in surveillance systems that incorporate units of projects of small and medium-sized high resolution video capture.

These models, that it can be installed in security systems of shops and supermarkets, offices, and small factory incorporates four-port Power over Ethernet (PoE) of 100 Mbps downlink (downlink) and two up Ethernet ports (uplink). All PoE ports support MDI/MDIX and comply with IEEE802.3 standards, IEEE802.3U and IEEE802.3af, up 30 W per port.

UTP3-SW04-TP60-A1 switches help fast packet forwarding tasks and guarantee an abundant bandwidth of the backplane and, therefore, a transmission fluid and a clear picture.

With circuit protection against overvoltages, electrostatic discharge (ESD-level 3) and rays of up to 6 KV, These models ensure a reliable and stable operation in virtually any location.

They have a CCTV operation mode, with VLAN function, in such a way that one or several PoE Ethernet ports of 100 Mbps downlink can only communicate with uplink ports. The aim is to restrict the net storm, safeguard information and to prevent viral transmission and cyber attacks.

The combination of PoE and CCTV mode allows to extend transmission distance up to the 250 meters and meet food of cameras and equipment of network access requirements. It is also possible to connect the network video recorders (NVR) and wireless access points (WAP).

These teams with galvanized cover in black (135 x 85.6 x 27 mm- 315 grams) are also characterized by incorporating a Realtek chip of 56 NM for video effects and status indicators, as well as by the power of 48 – 57 VDC and operating temperature of up to +55 °C.

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By • 24 Jan, 2017
• Section: Communications, CCTV