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Videology addresses security brand in the digital video market from the point of view of visibility, fraud prevention and quality content. And, that goal, has developed a new tool that helps advertisers and media to make decisions more secure. Also, their visibility measurement system video advertising has been certified by MRC.


The Media Rating Council (MRC) has accredited measuring visibility impressions video of the signing Videology, based on an audit assessed compliance accreditation makes this video advertising platform of the Minimum Standards for Media Rating Research MRC, IAB the applicable Measurement Guidelines and, recently presented, Viewable Impression Measurement Guidelines of MRC. MRC has also granted continued accreditation to Videology by measurement of impressions delivered in digital video, well as his impressions count shown.

The MRC performs audits aim to ensure that the audience measurement services are valid, reliable and efficient.

Also, Videology has announced the launch of Viewpoint, a suite of tools designed to allow advertisers and media make safer decisions in the field of video. The suite offers a triple approach to security, focusing on fraud prevention and quality content, besides in solving visibility recently accredited by MRC.

"Security issues are complex and changing, and want to ensure that we are building the right technologies and we are partnering with the best players in the industry. MRC Accreditation visibility on impressions shows that we are on the right track. Viewpoint allows us to cover the full spectrum of problems rather than focus on one particular, such as the visibility ", says Scott Ferber, President and CEO, Videology.

Visibility, prevention, quality

Viewpoint addresses the security of the brand within the digital video market from the point of view of visibility, fraud prevention and quality content.

The tool owns visibility Videology, accredited by MRC, uses a unique combination of geometric measurement and search engine to detect if an ad is visible or not in the user's screen. Professionals can use the tool reporting engine campaigns Videology, indicating the volume of ads measured as "visible" by the standards of MRC.

Viewpoint on a mixture of proprietary and third-party solutions are used to monitor the common indicators of fraud risk on websites, such as the frequency of the user, anomalies in performance and other risk points. The solution includes verification of each impression regarding the IAB / ABCe International Spider & Bots List; quality audits of the entire system made with manufacturers like DoubleVerify, Comprehensive Ad Science and White Ops; internal monitoring tools and risk indicators of fraud web sites.

With respect to the quality of content, Videology maintains the strictest industry requirements for approval of inventory level website. Accepts an average of 10% of all ad requests from public exchanges, based on approved specifications. It also works with solution providers, DoubleVerify and Trust Metrics, to give an additional quality control of content.

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By • 19 May, 2014
• Section: Business, Computer Security, Services