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This new line of smart IP-Cloud cameras consists of various indoor and outdoor models, HD video recorders over the Internet and wireless accessories.

The new range of smart IP-Cloud cameras Avitom is especially suitable for integration into security systems. Available in indoor and outdoor versions, these plug-and-play cameras can be installed in stores, offices and homes, through an app.

The camera image can be viewed through smart terminals with many different functions such as digital zoom and alarm, in case of movement or emergency. Multiple users can view the image of the same camera without losing clarity.

blankCommon features of new models include high resolution (up to 1080P UHD), two-way audio to communicate with co-workers or security personnel, night vision (IR-Cut), Smart WiFi connection (no need for a network cable) and compatibility with Android operating systems, iOS and PC. It is also possible to record up to 64 GB of memory on an SD card or storing content in the personal cloud, using S1 Internet video recorders (Until 2 TB SATA).

To offer a complete solution, Avitom offers a variety of smart wireless accessories, like door sensors, emergency button and alarm.

The IP-Smart Cloud range consists of four series: Plus, Cool, Classic and PetCam. The first consists of three models: P1 (PTZ Fencer Smart Cloud Camera), M1 (fixed smart cloud camera) and B1 (waterproof outdoor chamber).

The Cool series also consists of three units: PTZ Snowman CP1 camera, the CM1 smart-protected mini-camera and CB1 waterproof equipment. For its part, the Classic series only includes the VT-361 PTZ camera.

The PetCam series is designed for more domestic use with pet monitoring in mind.

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By • 18 Jan, 2017
• Section: Networks, Computer security, Video surveillance