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This Swiss airport has opted for a network solution with a single origin, based on this manufacturer's public address and voice evacuation systems.

photo Matthias Michel airport bern Bosch

To protect passengers, optimal workers and owners, airports must meet stringent requirements. In this environment, Bosch Security offers end-to-end solutions and services to protect these facilities; only in Germany, above 180 millions of passengers a year benefit from the company's security technologies, And now the Bern Airport (Switzerland) has also relied on his experience.

Specifically, about 185.000 business workers and tourists use Bern Airport annually. With this high traffic and to ensure that passengers receive fast and clear boarding messages, notices and messages of interest, their managers have chosen to install a public address system that meets the specifications required in this critical environment.

Bosch PaviroThe new solution in the airport terminal network is based on PA system and evacuation systems voice Bosch Paviro, that used to make ads in specific areas both throughout the terminal.

Bosch building experts have been commissioned for the entire project: from make the planes until the tests, passing through the installation. Mario Glauser, in charge of the technical infrastructure and projects at Berne airport, noted that "the new solution allows us to communicate even better with passengers and provide greater security while reliably meeting future demands".

Bosch Security PaviroThe airport can respond to emergency situations faster and with greater ease; In addition, automatic warnings and ads to comfort passengers also help to reduce stressful situations.

"The technicians installed the system while the airport remained operational around them," glauser adds.. It was all like silk, without causing interruptions or inconvenience to passengers".

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By • 28 May, 2018
• Section: Case Studies, Communications, MAIN FOCUS, Urban Security