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The Wisenet XNB-H6461H model has been located in a height indicator, allowing you to capture, discretely, images of a person's face and, cuando se emplea conjuntamente con otra cámara, establecer la altura aproximada de la misma.

Indicada para su utilización en sucursales bancarias, stations, stores, etc.. la nueva cámara Wisenet XNB-H6461H de Hanwha Techwin puede realizar análisis de reconocimiento facial. Montada a la altura de los ojos y mirando hacia ellos, captura imágenes frontales claras de rostros que pueden grabarse y utilizarse como pruebas en casos de localización de personas con actividades sospechosas, etc..

"Loss prevention managers tell us that it's not unusual for a thief to leave a store before trying to steal something," explains Uri Guterman, Product and marketing director of Hanwha Techwin Europe-. Once you've closely observed where the video surveillance cameras are located, as well as the level of staff, the thief leaves the store to return soon after with a cap or hat, covering the face of the camera view (normally installed on the ceiling facing down). La cámara Pinhole instalada en un indicador de altura da la oportunidad de capturar discretamente una imagen clara del culpable en su primera visita a la tienda”.

La cámara Pinhole Wisenet XNB-H6461H ofrece una resolución de 2 megapíxeles y tiene una lente fija de 4,6 mm que ofrece un campo de visión de 73 degrees, así como un rango dinámico (WDR)improved, que funciona hasta 120 dB para producir imágenes claras de escenas que contienen una mezcla compleja de zonas muy iluminadas y oscuras.

Precisely the latter is usually the case of the entry and exit points of a building or a building, where the camera can capture overexposed or underexposed images.

The technology built into the Highlight Compensation device (HLC) solves the problem of overexposure created by the presence of intense light sources such as, for example, the focus of the stores.

The camera's aisle-mode display allows you to monitor narrow vertical areas, like commercial aisles and passageways. This function of the Wisenet XNB-H6461H makes it easy for you to capture aspect-ratio images of 9:16 and 3:4 in high and narrow spaces, with the added value that minimizes video storage and bandwidth requirements.

Another feature of this device is audio analysis, that recognizes critical sounds like loud voices, cries, broken glass, gunshots and explosions, and generates an alert for security personnel to react quickly to any incident.

Also, the camera features a Micro SD memory card slot / SDHC y SDXC doble, y almacenar secuencias de vídeo o datos en el propio equipo, que admite los formatos de compresión H.265, H.264 and MJPEG, a lo que se suma la tecnología de compresión complementaria WiseStream II.

Con alimentación por Ethernet (PoE), no se requiere fuentes de alimentación y cableado separado, and has a USB port that makes it easier for installers and reduces assembly time, as they can remotely check via Wi-Fi the field of view and focus of the Wisenet XNB-H6461H camera from a mobile device.

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By • 26 Nov, 2019
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