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The fixed camera IP Axis Q1941-E offers optimum thermal images with a high contrast. Among their feature is its compatibility with EIS, that minimizes the effects of vibrations, the Zipstream technology, to reduce the bandwidth and storage; and analytics through ACAP capabilities.

Axis Q1941-E

The last member to Axis Communications It has joined the family Q fixed thermal equipment is the model Q1941-E, an IP camera type bullet designed for detection in difficult conditions during the 24 hour.

This camera can be used both indoors and outdoors and is ready for use from the first minute. It is suitable for the perimeter protection of installations where early detection of intrusion attempts is of vital importance.

"We know that thermal cameras are not only reliable for an uninterrupted intrusion detection, but they are also a very useful tool for verification, allowing you to distinguish between a sound and a real alarm. This model incorporates a powerful processor, allowing use of video analytics applications through ACAP camera application platform", says Roberto Saints, Sales engineer in Iberia from Axis.

The Axis Q1941-E offers a thermal resolution of 384×288 and an optimal image contrast that guarantees a reliable detection and a rapid verification. Thanks to its five objectives (7, 13, 19, 35 and 60 mm) designed to increase the level of accuracy of detection, This camera gives answer to all requirements, as well as allowing you to easily integrate with other IP security devices and applications from other vendors.

Among the functions that incorporates this solution is the electronic image stabilization (EIS) It guarantees the quality of image in live viewing with the camera mounted in unstable locations, Since the vibrations are not a problem.

With Axis Zipstream technology, non-movement areas are discarded and the camera focuses on only the parts of the image where movement is recorded, reducing bandwidth and storage requirements.

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By • 13 Jan, 2016
• Section: CCTV