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The latest solutions that Synology has presented to the security market include the version 7.1 Beta Surveillance Station and the VisualStation VS360HD video decoder. News of Ingram Micro's Physical Security division has added to its offer.

Synology VisualStation VS360HD

Physical Security division of Ingram Micro It has added to its offer the latest video surveillance solutions of Synology: version 7.1 Beta of the VisualStation VS360HD video decoder and video Surveillance Station management system.

Monitoring Station 7.1 Beta offers an enhanced performance for environments with distributed resources, by having the Protocol flow in real time (RTSP), the multicast support, and sophisticated settings and notifications.

Among the new features provided by Surveillance Station 7.1 Beta, that already anticipate in Digital Security Magazine, highlights support RTSP, to increase the efficiency of the transmission of video to provide an even smoother experience when performing monitoring Surveillance Station or DS for iOS devices.

Synology VisualStation VS360HD

Multicast support is some of the novelties, improving efficiency of bandwidth when many usage scenarios, and reducing the workload and bandwidth consumption when Surveillance Station runs in environments where multiple clients are video channels, so that several people security personnel can monitor different workstations at the same time and live without affecting system performance.

Also, alerts and notifications advanced live also have been enhanced to streamline the management of video surveillance deployments on a large scale with hundreds of cameras. Live View Analytics alerts are shown in chambers which are not included in the Live View. Events can be noted directly in an e-map, so users can see the camera and the location of these suspicious events immediately.

Synology VisualStation VS360HD

VisualStation VS360HD

The main feature that offers VS360HD It is an ultra compact solution reproduction and display live which does not require a computer and offers a resolution of up to 1080 p at 60 Hz, capacity for up to 36 channels of video and VGA and HDMI output

To configure the VS360HD, There is only that synchronize with a Synology NAS with Surveillance Station 7.0 or later. This solution allows you to display live up to 36 channels in H.264 and is compatible with the video format MJPEG or MPEG41. To turn it on is accessed directly live viewing panel, and it is possible to activate PTZ or switch to timeline to view recorded events, take snapshots or export them to an external storage device, using a USB mouse.

This decoder is the ideal solution when you need a monitoring station, but it is not feasible to set up a complex network or install an expensive dedicated computer. It is also indicated to locate at the counter of a shop at the front desk of an office or building, environments where to configure a PC for monitoring purposes only is excessive or impossible due to space limitations.

VisualStation is a unique monitoring station surveillance that includes different essential functions, In addition to being energy efficient and economical. While a dedicated PC consumes half a 200W, the VS360HD consumes less than 5 W at full capacity.

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By • 23 Sep, 2015
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