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The new version of the video management system provides higher performance and improved surveillance experience have distributed flow protocol real-time environments (RTSP), multicast support, and perfected settings and notifications.

Synology Surveillance Station 7

Monitoring Station 7.1 Beta is the latest version of the video distribution system of Synology providing improved performance for security environments with distributed resources.

Jaime Castro, director general de Synology México, It stresses that the company "is committed to the development of a monitoring solution powerful video, efficient and easy to use. We have modified the mechanisms and performance of Surveillance Station 7 for large and small businesses can take advantage of a more fluid experience monitoring and carefully designed ".

Among the new features of Surveillance Station 7.1 beta emphasizes support RTSP, which increases the performance of the video stream to provide even more seamless experience when monitoring is carried out in Surveillance Station or DS cam (for iOS devices). Also, developers can leverage to also support RTSP streaming video integrated into third party systems.

Also new is support for multicast, improving efficiency of bandwidth when many usage scenarios, and reducing the workload and bandwidth consumption when Surveillance Station runs in environments where multiple clients are video channels, so that several people security personnel can monitor different workstations at the same time and live without affecting system performance.

Synology Surveillance Station 7

Alerts and notifications advanced live have also been improved to streamline the management of video surveillance deployments of large scale with hundreds of cameras. Live View Analytics alerts are shown in chambers which are not included in the Live View. Also noteworthy events directly in an e-map, so users can see the camera and the location of these suspicious events immediately.

To this performance and adds stability CMS solids. Monitoring Station 7.1 It increases the speed at which the recordings and the event information is transferred from the recording servers, thanks to the improvement of the structure of the database and the sum of multiple dedicated links between the main server and Recording. Also, renewed license management improves stability in using the CMS.

Onvif also enhanced compatibility provides greater flexibility, as it not only provides a native integration for home recording (storing the video files in the same chamber) in some models, but now supports recording originated many more models by Onvif Profile G. Also, Profile improvements Onvif S make it easier to find and add compatible cameras with Surveillance Station Onvif Search option, resulting in greater flexibility and easier installation of video surveillance system.

Synology Surveillance Station 7

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By • 1 Sep, 2015
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