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Based on real testing with cameras and NVR's manufacturer OvisLink, This new online tool allows to know the bandwidth and storage space that require these devices of its brand in a network video surveillance project.

Ovislink AirLive calculator

Manufacturer of security systems in network OvisLink, through its brand AirLive It has developed a calculator online (available in this link) that it allows quick and easy bandwidth and storage space that require their IP and CoreNVR cameras.

This bandwidth and storage of AirLive calculator is based on real testing with Chambers and mark NVRs. The calculator allows you to enter product information, number of cameras, quality and other parameters to give an accurate estimate according to the data provided.

Ovislink AirLive BU-2015This online tool is divided into six columns. In the first, called Product, Select the model of camera and the ability to add all models that are necessary according to the project to calculate. The second is to introduce the resolution, It selects from a drop down menu depending on the selected model.

A third column (Quality – Quality) allows you to adjust the quality desired depending on cameras, from one to sixteen devices. So, the BU-2015 system offers Very High VBR options, VBR High and CBR 3000, etc..

Other two columns, called Bandwidth (bandwidth) and Disk Space (disk space) They offer the results according to the professional has previously introduced in the previous information, whose

This new tool that AirLive makes available to all its users and integrators of video surveillance and security is based on testing results and actual recording using mark NVRs and cameras.

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By • 19 Aug, 2015
• Section: Equipment test, Services