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This combination of connectivity and surveillance provides a complete solution for deploying wired and wireless networks in network infrastructure and long-distance video remote transmission projects in security facilities.

AirLive AirMax4GW

With the development of new connectivity technology and increased network speed, AirLive provides Wi-Fi access to respond to bandwidth demands to be shared by the video surveillance system and other services at the same time, further reducing the costs of implementing such systems.

Outdoor AirLive wireless CPEs range completes network surveillance solutions, with extensive benefits for projects and facilities that need to solve problems for wiring and provide stable long-distance transmissions.

AirLive connectivity and security

The AirMax4GW system, an outdoor 4G LTE standalone gateway that can distribute 4G or 3G Internet signal over WiFi or Ethernet connections anywhere, transmits signals at a distance of 10 To 20 Km. thanks to its built-in 14dBi 5GHz 2T2R MIMO directional antenna and high output power.

This gateway incorporates PoE 48V for an IP camera or other AirMax5X to facilitate deployment with less cabling and without requiring an additional power source to extend network connections.

IP camera for critical outdoor environments

AirLive BU-3028The company has also just introduced its new bullet network camera BU-3028 to the market, With 3 3.5x CMOS sensor with intelligent motorized focus for critical outdoor video surveillance environments, with IP66 and IK10 protection.

This camera features digital video stabilization function to prevent ambient vibrations for day and night operation, with Smart IR Led infrared system up to twenty-five meters.

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By • 4 Nov, 2015
• Section: Deep down, Networks, Video surveillance