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As part of the project started in 2011 by the Company for Urban Safety (AM) in Colombia, Medellin has expanded its investment in IP video surveillance systems with Axis Communications 35 new cameras with HDTV quality, in addition to the nearly four devices already installed this supplier.

Axis project Medellin

The authorities in the Colombian city of Medellín have returned to rely on technology network video surveillance Axis with the acquisition of 35 new IP cameras, particular model Q6044-E, HDTV quality, to monitor the El Poblado.

This investment is part of the proposed transition from analog security system that had the city to digital, which began in the year 2011 by the AM, state enterprise that designs, integration and systems to support public policies on citizen security, through the Ministry of Security of Colombia.

Medellin, composed of a total of 16 communes, 249 neighborhoods and 5 corregimientos, with a population of 2.223.078 people, about, has been marked by social and criminal conflicts in different areas.

Axis project Medellin

Migration from analogue to digital

In this project to migrate and implement a network video surveillance system in Medellin participate in an integrated way companies Anixter, Axis Communications, Genetec, Alvarion and Boat, in collaboration with the ESU alliance- Electrical Union, was executed in different phases; first with a design that would maintain IP analog cameras by installing encoders Axis Q7401 and Q6034 dome type devices of the same manufacturer, with a display of some four IP cameras.

With an initial investment of this network security plan five million dollars, which is currently estimated at a total of sixteen million, about, has also seen the migration of all safety and emergency system of the city, Integrated and called SIES-M Metropolitan Emergency System Security, with the aim of integrating and coordinating all government agencies in this area.

Axis project MedellinThis integrated and unified solution has not only helped to optimize the resources and services provided to citizens in safety and emergency situations, it has boosted the fight against crime and crime reduction through the use of technological tools, administrative, operational and training.

Incorporating 35 new cameras Axis Q6044-E HDTV quality to this project has been so monitoring of the commune 14 city, called El Poblado. Upon installation, according to official data, have been performed 250 catches and 9 seizures of firearms between August and September this year.

For Luis Alberto Delgado, Axis Communications Manager, "A comprehensive set of cities has experienced a reduction in crime rates after implementing a preventive public safety policy, that optimizes the police force through smart technology enabling a predictive work prior to the crime and identification of suspects ".

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By • 15 Dec, 2014
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