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Better visualization with panoramic surveillance, a more robust and reliable monitoring, and easier navigation are some of the benefits that are included in version 6.3 Security Software Synology Surveillance Station.

Monitoring Station 6 3

Synology has optimized its video surveillance software and added new features in version 6.3 Surveillance Station bringing improvements in performance monitoring, simplicity and reliability through a variety of media for all deployment scenarios.

Surveillance Station The update includes version 6.3 direct recording in the server, ensuring a seamless process if network downtime. For surveillance in places moving, including trains / buses and planes in transit, the recordings are automatically merged when the connection is restored with the network.

Monitoring Station 6 3Also, allows you to view live and playback up 64 720p channels simultaneously on one screen, because you've built a wall of television much more powerful and flexible. Also, Surveillance Station can broadcast streaming on mobile devices with an automated adjustment of the fps and resolutions, allowing easy and intelligent monitoring from anywhere.

For high security installations range containing large amount of cameras, Synology compatibility with joysticks increases productivity. On the other hand, the variety of operations on screen, including camera editing, allows instant playback and live, which further streamlines work and achieves greater efficiency. Managing privileges is more nuanced with options' Manager’ and 'Spectator'.

Monitoring Station 6 3With this new update, Surveillance Station enables you to perform a 360-degree view by native panoramic cameras with multiple objectives.

The resulting panorama can generate several unique perspectives HD simultaneously to cover the area of ​​surveillance cameras without additional acquisitions, reducing the total cost of the investment.

Also, Monitoring Station 6.3 is installed by default with two free camera licenses, allowing users to activate more cameras in monitoring service.

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By • 7 May, 2014
• Section: Control Systems, Computer Security, CCTV