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With 4.500 square meters, Interoute has implemented its first Spanish DDC in Madrid, a location that complements its virtual data centre offering and integrated it and international connectivity solution.

CPD Interoute Madrid

Interoute has inaugurated a new distributed data center (Ddc) in Madrid, which is integrated into the company's pan-European network (with headquarters in Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin, Stockholm, Ghent, Geneva, London, Munich, Paris, and Zurich) and adds a new physical location to your Unified ICT platform.

With computing resources integrated directly into the 60.000 Km. fiber optics that form the network, Interoute offers scalable solutions, Local, regional and pan-European without slowing down, network flexibility or control.

Customers can choose where to place their data in madrid's data center, or in any other Interoute data center that best suits your business needs and to comply with legal data regulations. Customers can also take advantage of Interoute's MPLS network with speeds up to 100 Gbit/s for creating connected architectures, Safe, elastic and geographically dispersed.

Madrid's data center has 4.500 square meters and provides up to 32 KW per rack. Its modular design, With 13 Rooms, allows expansion, redundancy and growth tailored to customer needs.

A key differentiating factor is the use of uninterruptible power supply systems (Sais) and refrigeration, modular and decentralized, that allow each of the thirteen rooms to be considered as a data center within the DDC.

Interoute building in Madrid

To ensure safety, both physical and logical, the building is controlled directly and remotely 24×7. In addition, being a neutral data center, customers can also access multiple networks from other operators that are available in the building.

"The investment made in the Madrid data center demonstrates Interoute's commitment to the Spanish market and the growing demand for both physical and virtual computing resources that we are experiencing.. This new physical location complements Interoute's Virtual Data Centre offering, and offers customers in Spain and Europe a unique and integrated solution for it and international connectivity”, explains Diego Matas, director-general, Interoute Iberia.

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By • 10 Feb, 2014
• Section: Infrastructure, Business, Networks