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Hikvision DeppinView iDS-2CD7A45G0-IZ

The new bullet camera varifocal iDS-2CD7A45G0-IZ of Hikvision is the first in its DeepinView range to integrate 25x optical zoom capability, offering customers a cost-effective solution for monitoring large spaces.

With resolution of 4 Mp, the bullet varifocal model iDS-2CD7A45G0-IZ of the range DeepinView of Hikvision, based on artificial intelligence (The), it is especially suitable for application in large transport hubs, like airports, train stations, Roads, Etc, as well as in industrial environments such as factories or chemical plants, among others.

Rogers Gan, product manager for IP cameras at Hikvision, this is how he explains it: "When we meet with customers we see that there are places where, being the primary security, do not have the right environments to install multiple cameras. This is the case of large open spaces, such as airports and ports, and heavy industries, where power supply and network connectivity cannot be extended to all corners of the facility. A camera that covers wider spaces and longer distances can solve this problem.".

With a focal lens of 4.7 -118 Mm and a optical zoom of 25 Increases, this camera can capture lenses with sharp images at a great distance, savings in overhead and maintenance costs, as a single device can cover a large space, no need to install more drives.

Another of its benefits is that it improves the protection of the facilities and the safety of employees. For example, certain factories or metal production plants generate extremely high temperatures, which means that to protect these areas you have to deploy the cameras at a great distance, that solves the integration of 25x optical zoom.

In addition, this great ultra-long focal length, along with its 4MP resolution and the deep learning algorithms makes the camera able to capture detailed images, even for perimeter protection, facial recognition and differentiation of people and vehicles. Features long-range IR, capable of detecting objects at distances of up to 200 Meters, which also ensures optimal vision at night.

Outdoor reliability

iDS-2CD7A45G0-IZ offers reliable operation in extremely cold climates, thanks to the incorporation of a heater to protect the target from snow or ice, which also prevents the lens from fogging, in case of sudden changes in temperature. In this way, customers can always get sharp images in harsh environments.

To cover wide areas, the camera must be mounted at certain heights and also withstand winds, for which Hikvision's DeepinView camera incorporates technology Gyro Image Stabilization (Gis), which minimizes the effects of vibration and allows the camera to produce sharp images constantly.

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By • 4 Jan, 2022
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