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Axis began marketing its line of network cameras P exterior with model P1564-LE. A computer designed with technology Corridor Format, 18x optical zoom and night vision, which is intended for video surveillance in critical environments with adverse temperature.

Axis P1564 LEThe P1564 camera-LE, just incorporate Axis his catalog of video surveillance solutions, It is the first model that the company markets its new line P of networked computers and also Primea outdoor technology including Corridor Format.

A team that has a robust design, compact and lightweight, but strong (IP66/NEMA4X rating and IK 10) waterfront, dust and vandalism as it is designed to operate in harsh environments and extreme weather. Also, control ability of arctic temperatures allows starting at any temperature between -40 ° C and 50 °C.

It is suitable for installation in buildings, public car parks, tolls, service stations and in areas where urban monitoring required. And to provide coverage over large distances and large panoramic images in detail, incorporates a 18x optical zoom with autofocus monitored included.

For night surveillance, Axis Camera P1564-LE integrated infrared LED that automatically adjust and cover a distance of at least 15 meters with maximum field of vision and 40 telescopic function meters.

Also, Corridor Format technology the company provides a vertical field of view for monitoring long stretch of streets in urban areas. This format allows for a transmission of a horizontal vertical video camera image. The video fits the area of ​​supervision, increasing image quality while wasting bandwidth and the storage capacity is removed.

This camera is very easy to handle and install thanks to its power and Ethernet connection through a single cable. Includes two-way audio, serial communication engine support optional external movement, storage system and an input 24 VDC/AC. Also, can be easily integrated with existing security systems and thanks to the support Onvif offers intelligent capabilities for application developers.

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By • 7 May, 2013
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