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The vehicle fleet trucking company Plana has the technology fleet management vehicle for improving management TomTom, control and maintenance of their 375 Bus.

Fleet management with Tom Tom

Founded in 1964 company in Catalonia and family environment, Plana Company annually transports more than fifteen million passengers (ten million through scheduled and five million in school services and workers). In order to better manage, control and maintenance of its fleet of 375 Bus, this company has signed an agreement to implement in each of its buses tracking device Link 510 TomTom Business Solutions.

TomTom Business SolutionsThe agreement involves the introduction in each vehicle tracking device -TomTom Link 510-, with which the group can maintain continuous communication with each bus travelers, and receive data in real time and historical reports on when, where and how they are using. The most immediate benefit that this company has achieved with the installation of this device has been reducing unnecessary kilometers, which resulted in considerable time savings, decreased fuel and vehicle wear.

TomTom Link 510Another advantage of TomTom Link 510 for this company is compliance with the regulations in matters relating to maintenance, safety and driving times, as managers of the company also have daily summary reports on downtime, location and miles, for greater control and safety of your vehicle fleet. Result is improved transportation services to the client offers, since the navigation system provides the routes with less traffic, carrying passengers to their destinations safely, reliably and in the shortest time possible.

TomTom Link 510 It is a small device that can be installed quickly in all types of vehicles. By satellite link (GPS) GSM networks or, the system provides bidirectional communication between the vehicle and office, and transmits data in real time on several variables (position, speed, stops recording, route tracking, driving style, etc.), plus you can connect to the tachograph, allowing even know what driver takes each vehicle.

Plana Company Installing TomTom technology, as emphasized Francisco Sánchez, COO of Flat Company, "It has enabled us to meet our needs for management and control of our vehicles, so we have not only increased the efficiency of our operations, but improved the service we offer to users. Also, have a leading brand like TomTom gives us the guarantee of available solutions and support we need and expand our telematics solutions in the future as we grow our needs ".

The installation project carried out in the 375 Plana Bus Company was made quickly, a clear return on investment in improved management, efficiency and cost savings and improved service. For Javier Cañestro, TomTom Business Solutions Iberia's chief commercial officer, "Is a pleasure to see every day that our solutions improve the management and operations of Spanish companies. Plana Company is a magnificent example, since they will be working with real-time information to manage and control your fleet at all times, gaining in efficiency and reducing costs ".

Plana Company

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By • 22 Sea, 2013
• Section: Communications, Control Systems, Services