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Flat Company's fleet of road transport vehicles features TomTom's vehicle fleet management technology to improve management, control and maintenance of their 375 Bus.

Fleet management with Tom Tom

Founded in 1964 Catalonia as a family-friendly company, Flat Company transports more than fifteen million travellers annually (ten million through regular lines and five million in school and worker services). With the aim of improving management, control and maintenance of your fleet of 375 Bus, this company has signed an agreement to implement on each of its buses the Link tracking device 510 TomTom Business Solutions.

TomTom Business SolutionsThe agreement involves the implementation in each vehicle of a tracking device -TomTom Link 510-, with which the group will be able to maintain continuous communication with each traveller bus, as well as receiving real-time data and historical reports on when, where and how they are being used. The most immediate benefit this company has achieved with the installation of this device has been the reduction of unnecessary kilometers, which has been a remarkable time saver, fuel and a decrease in vehicle wear and tear.

TomTom Link 510Another advantage of TomTom Link 510 for this company is compliance with current regulations on maintenance issues, safety and driving times, as the company's managers also have summary daily reports on downtime, location and kilometers, for greater control and safety of your fleet of vehicles. The consequence of this is also the improvement in the transport service offered to the customer, because the navigation system provides the routes with the least traffic, taking passengers to their destinations safely, reliable and in the shortest possible time.

TomTom Link 510 it's a small device that can be quickly installed on all kinds of vehicles. Via satellite connection (Gps) or by GSM networks, the system provides two-way communication between the vehicle and the office, and transmits real-time data on various variables (Position, Speed, stop log, route tracking, driving style, Etc.), besides that it can be connected to the tachograph, allowing you to know even which driver carries each vehicle.

Flat CompanyInstalling TomTom technology, as Francisco Sánchez points out, Chief Operating Officer of Empresa Plana, "has allowed us to respond to our needs in terms of the management and control of our vehicles, so not only have we increased the efficiency of our operations, but improved the service we offer users. In addition, having a leading brand like TomTom gives us the guarantee of having the solutions and support we need and expanding our telematics solutions in the future as our needs grow".

The installation project carried out in the 375 Empresa Plana buses have been carried out quickly, with an obvious return on investment in improving management, efficiency and cost savings and service improvement. For Javier Cañestro, commercial director of TomTom Business Solutions Iberia, "it is a satisfaction to see every day that our solutions improve the management and operations of Spanish companies. Empresa Plana is a great example of this, because they will be able to work with real-time information to manage and control their fleet at all times, gaining in efficiency and reducing costs".

Flat Company

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By • 22 Sea, 2013
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