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The consultancy IHS has placed, for the third year, Hikvision manufacturer as a world leader in video surveillance and CCTV equipment, after achieving a market share of 10,9%, in its latest report on this business segment.

HikvisionThe manufacturer Hikvision, based in China, was located in the first place worldwide for video surveillance and CCTV devices, according to data provided in its latest report by consultancy IHS in this market segment, which gives the company a market share of 10,9% and achieved this position for the third year.

The company has been in recent years an exponential growth in the market for video surveillance, result of a process of innovation in product development and hardware integration with third party software systems and to offer solutions tailored to customer needs, as indicated from Hikvision.

For consultants IHS, "In the course of a year, Hikvision has become supplier of closed circuit television and video surveillance world number one, improving from fourth last year. This result confirms their efforts and following market trends, as the transition from analogue to network, achieving greater market expansion ".

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By • 13 Nov, 2014
• Section: Studies, Business, CCTV