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With net sales of 4.184 MSEK (495,6 million), the company is optimistic in the face of 2013.

Ray Mauritsson

The company specializes in IP video surveillance, Axis Communications, just released its financial results for the fourth quarter and 2012, closed last 31 December.

The financial results for the fourth quarter improved from the previous quarter, with net sales increasing by 12% until 1.180 MSEK (139,7 million) and 15% in local currency.

Net sales in 2012 have increased by 17% until 4.184 MSEK (495,6 million), and 14% in local currency.

As to operating profit 2012 was 575 million crowns (68,1 million), with profit, after tax, which amounted to 427 MSEK (50,5 million).

Ray Mauritsson, president and CEO of Axis, stressed that the present results “the fourth quarter has been developed in line with the previous quarter. Sales growth was 12%, after a slightly weaker demand during the month of December. Despite the adverse situation in today's global economy, that has affected the entire sector, maintain long term from an optimistic vision for the evolution of video surveillance market with a positive growth forecast one 20 and 25% yearly. It is difficult to predict the market trend for 2013, but with a committed workforce, market-leading products and an ambitious vision, maintain our position to meet the demand of the industry and continue our global expansion”.

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By • 28 Feb, 2013
• Section: General