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Axis and AG Neovo

As part of your partnership, AG Neovo has equipped with its monitors of high performance and resolution 4K UHD the mobile showroom of Axis, which are used to display signals from new cameras and perform demonstrations to professionals.

Changes during, as well as currently, the pandemic has put in place new strategies on how integrators, installers and end customers can be informed about the latest security solutions, because face-to-face fairs and visits to supplier demonstration halls remain complicated.

To respond to this demand, the Swedish company Axis Communications has a mobile exhibition unit, equipped with its latest developments, and has engaged its partner for monitor technologies AG Neovo Technology as part of this project on ‘four wheels’, where they required high-quality display systems and network audio.

Axis and AG Neovo

In this way, Axis and AG Neovo have developed this mobile showroom joint that is available to the partners of the multinational security in Germany, Benelux and other countries in Europe, whose solutions are also exposed in the Axis Experience Center.

AG Neovo developed for this project a display concept for Axis based on its screens with 4K UHD and Full HD resolutions, in different sizes and configurations.

Specifically,, the great visual protagonist of this mobile installation is the model QX-55, flanked by four screens QX-32 to display multiple images from Axis cameras, that offer operations 25/7, high-brightness and multi-signal inputs and Anti-Burn-In function, to which two are added RX-24G that are used as operator monitors, equipped with metal housing, video filter and protection NeoV.

"Our show van has many other technical highlights besides professional monitors," he said. Gordon Grünwald, Axis Central Europe Distribution Manager-, and we are sure that it will arouse the curiosity of all market participants, with the motto Back on the road with Axis and AG Neovo".

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By • 17 Jan, 2022
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